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Read our article on betterwholesaling.com as to how RouteMagic is helping its customers deal with COVID better.

Van Sales

Drivers can optimise food & drink deliveries -handle returns, up-sell using sales order history, automate invoices and take cash or card payments on the handheld.

Wholesale Delivery

Wholesalers can optimise deliveries and B2B relationships using improved stock and inventory management, route planning and optimisation and real-time driver tracking.

Electronic POD

electronic poof of delivery system for wholesale and van sales food and drink distributors in the UK & Ireland

Route Management

Schedule routes, assign them to specific drivers and vehicles, monitor progress, and optimize routes so can deliver quicker.

ETAs & Notifications

Precise ETA's, a client portal, and CRM features such as customer-specific suggestions all result in outstanding customer service.

Full Stock Control

From warehouse to van, our system gives you instant updates, van-to-van stock transfers and complex pricing management.

Monthly Subscription

Our full-functionalities free trial comes with no CAPEX and a low monthly subscription works out at less than the price of a coffee a day.

Manual, paper-based delivery systems have been the norm for decades now.
Although businesses are used to the workflow, digital alternatives can manage much more complex processes on their own, allowing workers to have more time to focus on goals, as well as providing more structured routines which are easier to carry out, more efficiently.
Once the RouteMagic Delivery Solution is integrated, workers can become more productive, customers can receive better, more accurate services and costs and errors are minimised.
Forget micro-management and daily fire-fighting.
Why RouteMagic? Here is our argument.
From automated ordering stages, digital management of pricing, customer accounts, products and product groups, RouteMagic can help to smooth over the usual delays and disruptions that happen when using paper systems.
See for yourself and contact us to have one of our team reach out to discuss a personalised plan for you here: full-functionalities one month trial.
With no capex and easy integrations with extisting accounting systems, RouteMagic can be up & running in less than 1 week.
The simplistic interface means your office staff and van drivers can become competent in a few days, and reap the benefits of the digital solution.
Simply configure your business rules using the simple checklists, and watch your rules and preferences be enforced through across the business.

Our Delivery Solution supports full integration with your existing Accounting, ERP, Inventory Management, or any other system.

The systems talk to each other eliminating the need for manual data entry and chances of errors. Seamlessly extend your existing accounting system like Sage, NetSuite, Xero, Navision and benefit from a single control engine effectively managing mobile sales forces and back-office operations.

Delivery Reports, Vehicle Inspections, Site-Summary Visits, and End-of-Site summaries are all immediately accessible on the Office system.
This speeds up cashflow, improves visibility and massively helps with responsiveness to any delays or disruptions.
Access Easy-to-Digest analytics and data for each Customer, Route, and Driver, meaning you can assess the productivity of your wholesale or van sales food and drink business and work out which areas need improvement.
The Cloud-based solution lets you access the office system from anywhere: Simply log on, and have a complete view of all business operations, orders, routes and delivery status'
Achieve greater flexibility by managing on the go, and allow your business to work more productively and flexibly.
Remove dependency over devices and locations and have a flexible, accessible solution with RouteMagic.

See how RouteMagic can increase profitability of your business


dairy produce We have been helping Dairies manage the full delivery and sales process and to drive profitability and growth, for over two decades - we call this the ‘Magic of Technology’. Whether your delivery operation is direct-store-delivery or B2B, and no matter how small or large your delivery fleet is, with RouteMagic costing less than a coffee a day, it becomes a no-brainer, and our unique simple implementation and support packages enables customers can go-live in less-than-a week.

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Food & Beverages


Manage your Inventory automatically, keep updated with your delivery schedules, surpass your competition, and look forward without the divided attention towards communication issues and delivery delays.

Used by some of the UK and Ireland's leading FMCG, food and beverage manufacturers and distributors.

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Packaged Goods


We provide a helping hand through our CPG and FMCG Distribution & Delivery Management Solutions; Track deliveries, returns and maintain each customer's SLA.

With more accurate, real-time information, you can plan ahead more easily and more accurately calculate and plan your future growth.

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Product Distribution

product distribution 1

Manual inventories and buffering times between communications are a thing of the past.

Our Food and Drink Delivery Management software will handle all the tedious tasks your workers don't want to do, quickly and accurately.

This enhanced level of control allows organisations to focus on expanding their businesses and building new efficiencies into their processes.

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Workplace Services

workplace services1

Our workplace services software provides a complete delivery solution to manage the many operational challenges, environmental legislation, emergence of new recycling types and technologies and the higher service demands from customers. An end-to-end solution with full integration to your back office accounting, ERP or warehouse management system.

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Large Corporations


Large operations need a Route Accounting Solution that automates sales force, daily operations, routes and delivery plans for their food and drink business.

Our Delivery Systems are highly compatible with other ERP systems, and will accomodate for your growth trajectory and expanding operations and customer base.

Find out how we can help you with it all using HighJump solution.

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With predictions suggesting the second wave could be even more severe than the first, it is vital for wholesalers, Foodservice businesses and distributors to have prepared systems in place to handle staff fluctuations without sacrificing productivity and a steady flow of goods and services.

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