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Van Sales

Give your reps the tools they need to make the most of every sales opportunity with an intuitive mobile app that supports mobile invoicing, accurate pricing, payment receipt, promotion awareness, and sales history.

Wholesale Delivery

From order to payment, deliver on time, every time. With intuitive order capture, warehouse control, picking & loading, route planning & optimisation with live monitoring & real-time updates from a mobile app, with sign on glass & payment capability.

Electronic POD

Our mobile app works with the back office to manage final delivery steps. Dynamic notifications keep the customer updated & our app captures full delivery details, including signatures, gps location, date & time, and image capture.

Route Optimisation

Reduce the time spent manually planning, and find the quickest routes with our digital solution. RouteMagic takes into account specific ETA's, and existing customer delivery schedule, while letting you plan efficiently using a drag-and-drop feature.

With over 20 years of Industry expertise, the team at Mobile Enterprise Systems Ltd is continuously developing new features for our software, RouteMagic, to address both common and unique challenges, and to meet the needs of our customers.
We pride ourselves in building relationships with our customers, understanding their particular needs and sector-specific requirements to build solutions that will allow them to grow as productively as possible into the future.
Take a look at the customers we work with, or find out more about our mission.
RouteMagic has been developed with ease-of-use in mind. It is critical for our customers to be up & running, with each team member using the office and mobile software competently, and quickly.
With various levels of support, we ensure your team understands and can leverage the system to improve productivity and efficiency, whether that be providing a quicker customer experience, recording deliveries effectively, reviewing invoices and speeding up cash flow.
We believe that with a competent system and competent workers, any delivery operation can promise consistent, quality service.
With fully integrated back-office and mobile driver components, RouteMagic allows businesses to completely eliminate the use of paper.
Offer a more convenient experience for customers, minimise manual error and duplication of efforts, and employ a more reliable, digital filing system that improves your accountability and assists with the organisation of your operation from day one.
Reducing manual error, ensuring accountability and improving task management all serve to improve the overall efficiency of each of our customers.
RouteMagic is a complete solution, that integrates with all existing accounting systems. This means the traditional difficulties associated with changing systems and the technical integrations associated with this transition can be curved.
RouteMagic works seamlessly alongside your existing systems, to enable a consistent, smooth running of your operation from day one of use, whether you’re a 2 van operation or a larger enterprise.
For more technical details, visit our integrations page.
Our cloud-based delivery solution offers full visibility to your office teams, from anywhere.
Our Office System can be accessed from any desktop or mobile device, at any time. Your management team can glance at the system, and be fully updated with all daily operations.
Your mobile workforce can focus on their tasks with all updates and deliveries being updated and recording in real-time.
Ensure disruptions are avoided rather than responded to, whilst accessing a bird’s eye view of daily operations.
The Cloud-based solution lets you access the office system from anywhere: Simply log on, and have a complete view of all business operations, orders, routes, and delivery status'
Achieve greater flexibility by managing on the go and allow your business to work more productively and flexibly.
Remove dependency over devices and locations and have a flexible, accessible solution with RouteMagic.

Reduce your cost of service from day one


We have worked with a large variety of businesses, using a range of business models; from foodservice, construction, condiment manufacturers, Dairies, Bakeries, CPG and beyond.

For more information behind the companies we work with, take a look at our existing customers, or take a look at our sectors segment.

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