Route Accounting for Van Sales and Wholesale Delivery.

Incredibly easy to use

RouteMagic is simple, intuitive and very user friendly. Impress your customers with your well managed business and great customer service.

Web Based System

RouteMagic - Office is completely web based route accounting solution. Meaning you can access it securely from anywhere, any device with browser from office pc to mobile phone. We do the IT heavylifting so you don't have to.

Operate Offline or Online - You Choose

If you lose signal in remote areas or don’t need live data, RouteMagic Mobile works in offline mode. Each days work and field transactions are saved on phone or tablet and get automatically updated at the back-office when a network connection is available.

Fantastic integration options

Integrate with any app you want. Keep your entire business in your view, make all your systems talk to RouteMagic, we have got you covered.

Reduce planning time and boost performance with our Live Route Planner

Live Route View and delivery status - Live view of what orders have already been delivered and where the vehicles on a map. Incredibly easy to use Route Dispatch manager with Drag and Drop Functionality allows route adjustments, order allocations with a simple click.

Integrated with Google Maps for live status checks.

Route Planning and Accounting - RouteMagic, UK

Go paperless. Capture PODs in real time. Our EPOD solution tracks the status of deliveries and collections in real-time and captures proof of delivery data electronically, providing businesses greater visibility and intelligence, faster and more accurate order fulfilment and more informed decision making.

RouteMagic Electronic Proof of Delivery EPOD

Manage invoicing electronically.

Integrate with your accounting software to keep the data flowing. Wow your clients with professional looking invoices that take only seconds to create. The best part? You’ll get paid faster, too.

Invoicing and Sales Ledger

Better information, better decisions.

Pull out reports across your business on customers, vehicles, sales, service, deliveries, finance, jobs, stock, orders, routes and more. Measure and track the impact of your changes through KPIs at all levels.

Reports and Analytics, KPIs, Diagnostics

All of the flexibility and power, none of the risks.

We give you the power and flexibility to convert your vans into mini warehouses. Transfer stocks across your delivery vans to help maximize your sales, replenish stocks and unblock your mobile team to make and execute stock transfer decisions on the go.

Stock transfer across vans. Stock Control for deliveries. Live stock change update

The right data, at the right time and at the right place - the key to closing a sale successfully.

Arm your sales force - van sales, field sales and telesales people with customers’ past sales history so that they can recommend the right product at the right time thereby improving customer service and increasing the chance of sales to close.

Customer relation ship management - entire customer history, past contracts and recommendations for tele sales

See how RouteMagic makes Route Accounting super simple

Solution For Small Businesses

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Are you a small business looking for a one stop solution to manage your daily Route Management operations and improve sales and profit?

Let us enable you by enabling sales force automation, optimising delivery process and giving you complete control over your business. Get complete visibility over your operations. Gain competitive edge by increasing driver deliveries by more than 20% daily.

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Large Corporations Enterprise Solution


Are you a large cooperation looking to streamline operations, automate route sales, reduce overheads and improve customer service ?

You need a Route Accounting solution that lets you automate sales force, daily operations, optimise route and delivery planning and integrates well with your other ERP systems like Transport Management Systems, Accounting, Analytics etc. You need a solution that catapults you on a growth trajectory and is scalable enough to accommodate your growing operations and customer base. Find out how we can help you with it all.

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Connect to Industry Leading Apps to Level Up Your Business

RouteMagic integrates with all kinds of applications for Business Accounting, Transport Management Systems, Warehouse Managements Systems, Legacy Systems, Direct Web API communications. Our top integrations are with SAGE, MYOB, XERO, Microsoft Apps, QuickBooks, NetSuite, Oracle etc.

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