Digital Solution Specialists for businesses who deliver

  • Complete Control & Visibility of your business
  • Eliminate Paper Processes & duplication of effort
  • ZERO Capex, subscription from £1/day
  • Extremely simple to use, Go-live in a week

Reduce your cost of service from day one

Vehicle Checks

Ensure vehicle maintenance and driver safety with daily vehicle checks, carried out by your drivers quickly through our mobile app.

Route Planning & Optimisation

Plan on a single screen with drag-and-drop functionality, and let the system optimise call sequences to ensure the quickest route for your drivers.

Driver Tracking

RouteMagic lets you track live driver progress and deliveries from any device. You can skim over our Route Monitor and have a full update on the day's operation.


Using our sign-on glass app, drivers can conveniently take an electronic proof of delivery, along with a photograph both offering irrefutible proof of a fulfilled order.

We understand the transition to a new system causes concern for a lot of businesses. The initial investment, the commitment to a system that may not suit your business, or may be difficult to use and cause more problems than it solves are all very real worries for a lot of businesses.
We understand this, which is why we offer a 30 day free trial* of RouteMagic, to let the software speak for itself in terms of its quick adoption, easy-to-learn design, extensive range of features, and customisability which all help businesses to operate more productively on a daily basis.
To find out more, you can request to speak with one of our team members here.

*Terms & Conditions apply

RouteMagic has been developed with ease-of-use in mind. It is critical for our customers to be up & running, with each team member using the office and mobile software competently, and quickly.
With various levels of support, we ensure your team understands and can leverage the system to improve productivity and efficiency, whether that be providing a quicker customer experience, recording deliveries effectively, reviewing invoices and speeding up cash flow.
We believe that with a competent system and competent workers, any delivery operation can promise consistent, quality service.
RouteMagic offers over 100 customisable settings that help each of our customers get exactly what they need from the system.
These Company, customer, and employee settings are easy to setup by you, and cover all aspects of your operation, ensuring rules are met and your ideal workflow is achieved.
RouteMagic is a complete solution, that integrates with all existing accounting systems. This means the traditional difficulties associated with changing systems and the technical integrations associated with this transition can be curved.
RouteMagic works seamlessly alongside your existing systems, to enable a consistent, smooth running of your operation from day one of use, whether you’re a 2 van operation or a larger enterprise.
For more technical details, visit our integrations page.
Our cloud-based delivery solution offers full visibility to your office teams, from anywhere.
Our Office System can be accessed from any desktop or mobile device, at any time. Your management team can glance at the system, and be fully updated with all daily operations.
Your mobile workforce can focus on their tasks with all updates and deliveries being updated and recording in real-time.
Ensure disruptions are avoided rather than responded to, whilst accessing a bird’s eye view of daily operations.
We have a number of case studies with our existing customers, who face a range of challenges and barriers both common to their sectors, and unique to their particular operations.
To browse the range of customers we support or to take a look at some testimonials, you can go to our customers page, or have a read through some of our case studies.