The Complete Route Planning and E-Proof of Delivery Solution

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Our first webinar: How is technology impacting efficiency and profitability for Distributors in 2021? is now live on our Youtube Channel, hosted by our product owner Paul O'Connor.

Van Sales

Our mobile application provides drivers with all the tools they need to maximise sales opportunities and provide excellent, consistent customer service.

Wholesale Delivery

Wholesalers can maximise B2B relationships with reliable, precise services with automated inventory management, route planning and optimisation, and real-time driver tracking.

Electronic POD

Our ‘sign on glass’ mobile application eliminates paper usage and the traditional barriers this provides for distributors.

Route Management

Our digital route manager provides your teams with an easy-to-use, competent tool to optimise planning and monitoring of daily operations.

ETAs & Notifications

Reliable, consistent, and quality deliveries with precise ETA’s, a customer portal, customer-specific insights and instant driver updates.

Full Stock Control

Automate instant stock adjustments from warehouse to van, perform van-to-van transfers and optimise reorder levels to reduce wastage.

Monthly Subscription

Our pricing model allows businesses of all sizes to manage finances while still having access to the digital benefits to grow their operations.

Manual, paper-based delivery systems have always been the traditionally used by food and beverage distributors.
Although businesses are used to the workflow, digital alternatives can manage much more complex processes on their own, allowing workers to have more time to focus on goals, as well as providing more structured routines which are easier to carry out, more efficiently.
Once the RouteMagic Delivery Solution is integrated, workers can become more productive, customers can receive better, more accurate services and costs and errors are minimised.
Forget micro-management and daily fire-fighting.
The switch from paper to digital means kep processes can be automated to streamline your team’s workflow, massively reducing administrative efforts, eliminating paper usage along with the inevitable manual errors that occur with traditional systems.
Reinvest your time and efforts to ensure your business is growing as well as it should be.
Read our article weighing up paper versus digital delivery systems here.
RouteMagic has been developed with ease-of-integration and ease-of-use in mind. Allowing distributors to access the benefits of digital systems means allowing the transition to be as smooth as possible.
The simplistic interface means your office staff and van drivers can become competent in a few days, and reap the benefits of the digital solution.
Simply configure your business rules using the simple checklists and watch your rules and preferences be enforced through across the business.

Our Delivery Solution supports full integration with your existing Accounting, ERP, Inventory Management, or any other system.

The systems talk to each other eliminating the need for manual data entry and chances of errors. Seamlessly extend your existing accounting system like Sage, NetSuite, Xero, Navision, and benefit from a single control engine effectively managing mobile sales forces and back-office operations.

Delivery Reports, Vehicle Inspections, Site-Summary Visits, and End-of-Site summaries are all immediately accessible on the Office system.
This speeds up cashflow, improves visibility, and massively helps with responsiveness to any delays or disruptions.
Access Easy-to-Digest analytics and data for each Customer, Route, and Driver, meaning you can assess the productivity of your wholesale or van sales food and drink business and work out which areas need improvement.
The Cloud-based solution lets you access the office system from anywhere: Simply log on, and have a complete view of all business operations, orders, routes, and delivery status'
Achieve greater flexibility by managing on the go and allow your business to work more productively and flexibly.
Remove dependency over devices and locations and have a flexible, accessible solution with RouteMagic.

Reduce your cost of service from day one


Dairy Whether your delivery operation is direct-store-delivery or B2B, and no matter how small or large your delivery fleet is, with RouteMagic costing less than a coffee a day, it becomes a no-brainer, and our unique simple implementation and support packages enables customers can go-live in a less-than-a week.

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Food & Beverages

Food and drinks Balancing ever-changing customer demands with tight margins and precise schedules means deliveries must be planned carefully - RouteMagic provides a helping hand for food & beverage distributors looking to improve their operation’s effectiveness, promising consistently quality service.

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Packaged Goods

cpg1 RouteMagic provides a flexible, customisable system for CPG distributors to tackle the common sector-specific challenges - managing demographics, packaging types, shelf-space competition, seasonal variations in product demand and the task of optimising product lines to suit each customer’s needs.

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Product Distribution

product distribution 2 Minimising the need for paper-based practices promises to enhance the efficiency of your drivers, reducing manual error and cleaning up their workflow in the process. Less time spent on planning, writing and reviewing reports or juggling paperwork lets your business focus on growth and eliminates inevitable duplication of efforts found when using paper.

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Workplace Services

workplace services1 Our workplace services software provides a complete delivery solution to manage the many operational challenges, environmental legislation, the emergence of new recycling types and technologies, and the higher service demands from customers. An end-to-end solution with full integration to your back office accounting, ERP, or warehouse management system.

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Large Corporations

Large Corporations Large Corporations need a Route Accounting Solution that automates sales force, daily operations, routes, and delivery plans for their food and drinks business. Our Delivery Systems are highly compatible with other ERP systems and will accommodate your growth trajectory and expanding operations and customer base. Find out how we can help you with it all using. HighJump solution.

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May 24th, 2021

Paperless versus Digital: The costs of running a distribution business

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We are going to compare the use of a paper-based system with a digital system for managing orders, deliveries, payments, customers and so on.

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May 24th, 2021

The true cost of paper for delivery operations

Paper records are convenient, easy to produce and the cost of using paper daily is relatively cheap. Alongside these reasons, distributors have always relied on paper-based systems.

However, there is then the hidden cost of paper that can often go undetected and pu a large strain on resources, staff and expenses which result in a business not being able to grow as productively as it could.

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