Electronic POD

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Check out the video above for a walk-through of our Electronic proof-of-delivery and Route Accounting System.

Site Summary Reporting

Immediate Office access to delivery reports

All the products and total costs for the delivery (including returns) are automatically calculated and drawn into a report which includes signatures and any end-of-site surveys that may have been carried out. These reports are immediately sent back to your offices for processing.

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Email notifications

Keep everyone in the loop

Throughout the day, notifications and updates make sure everyone is up to speed with deliveries; failed vehicle inspections automatically send emails to the appropriate teams, and customers will get updated as the delivery continues on its destination to them.

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Site History & Accessibility

Detailed records of customer purchasing

Records of previous site visits and deliveries (including all the data concerning a particular delivery) are securely filed on the system, so any member of your team can easily refer back to them if necessary.

This avoids discrepancies and allows solid proof of delivery confirmations, invoices and delivery items.

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Completely forget hassle of filing paperwork and reduce manual error

Go paperless with digital reports which are seamlessly transferred to the office system. This reduces the chance of manual error or misplaced paper reports and speeds up the workflow along each route.

Bluetooth Wireless Printers can be connected to the handheld app if necessary, meaning you can provide reports as per your/ your customers’ preferences.

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