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Route Accounting for Van Sales and Wholesale Delivery - One Stop Solution For Your Business


per user/per month

RouteMagic Features

  • Live Route Planner
  • Vehicle Checks and Safety
  • Google Mapping
  • KPI Reports
  • Pricing Management
  • Past Order History
  • E-Proof of Delivery
  • Invoicing
  • Realtime Updates and Messaging
  • Off-route capabilities
  • Stock Management
  • GPS TimeStamps Photograph uploads for POD
  • Live Updates to Back Office
  • Sales Invoice and Payments Export

RouteMagic Pro

Route Accounting For Van Sales and WholeSale - Expanded, Enlarged, Empowered


per user/per month

All features of RouteMagic plus:

  • Route Dispatch Manager
  • CRM and Telesales
  • Integrations
  • Stock Transfer Across Vans
  • Picklist for the next day
  • Scanning and Barcoding
  • Driver Tracking
  • Alerting
  • Geo Fencing

Additional Modules

  • Advanced Analytics: £100/month (upto two users)
  • Client Portal: £10/client
  • Route Optimisation: £10/route
  • Office User: £29/user

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