Achieve new levels of supply chain Responsiveness, Performance and Profitability.

With over two decades of experience in 'Route Accounting' industry, Mobile Enterprise Systems Limited, helps businesses leverage the 'Magic of Technology' to unlock their full potential. Our flagship product 'RouteMagic' is not just functionally complete, but is also super-easy to adopt and use. Most importantly, it can be configured as per customer's business rules through just a few UI clicks. New businesses can be up and running using RouteMagic in less than a week, at a subscription cost that is less than the price of a coffee a day.

Used in UK, IRELAND AND UAE, by thousands of mobile workers every day, our solution is a thoroughly proven business application.

An End-to-End mobile sales, distribution and service solution.

Our route management software bridges inventory and distribution between food and drink distributors and their customers, improving efficiency and maximising profits. Used by some of the UK and Ireland's leading food and beverage manufacturers and distributors, our mobile workforce software helps organisations stay on top of this fast-changing market with industry-specific functionality.

Access real-time business information in one secure location

Our CPG and FMCG distribution management solution allows businesses to enhance delivery operations by tracking deliveries and returns and maintaining individual customer SLAs. The software helps to streamline processes managing sales ordering, pricing, shipping and billing to provide accurate, real-time information in one secure location.

You’re likely to have been in the dairy distribution business for some time. You know what it takes to be successful and you understand the challenges you’re up against. You’ll have witnessed the ever-increasing demands of customers and you know that it’s easier than ever for your customers to change suppliers if they are not entirely satisfied. Competition is stronger than ever and it’s imperative that your business continues to stay one step ahead.

RouteMagic is a one-stop solution designed to help Dairies overcome these challenges.

Stay one step ahead with market-leading distribution and mobile sales software

Product manufacturers and distributors across the UK and Ireland benefit from our solution’s advanced inventory tracking and management capabilities and real-time visibility of critical information, from the supplier to the store shelf, and all locations in-between. This enhanced level of control allows organisations to focus on expanding their businesses and building new efficiencies into their processes.

Simplify, track and report on every stage of collection, disposal and service.

Efficiently manage all aspects of washroom and hygiene services, and streamline facilities management and linen hire operations.