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With over 20 years of Industry expertise, our team are equipped with a complete understanding of sector-specific challenges and the needs of hundreds of different delivery operations.

From automotive, food and beverage, construction suppliers and food & beverage, our case studies reflect on some of the work we've done with a range of businesses, digitsing their operations and helping them to achieve their individual goals for growth.

Website: About Roofing

Trading for over 20 years, About Roofing Supplies are a family run business, supplying a wide range of quality roofing supplies & materials through four branches in Surrey and Sussex.

They have a fleet of 12 vehicles, offering next day delivery on a wide range of roofing and building materials. About Roofing had been using our previous System, M-POS, for over 5 years and implemented our software to integrate with their SAGE 200 system so they could utilise our route planning and proof of delivery functionality.

In 2021, About Roofing investigated the opportunity to host the M-POS system in the cloud as they wanted to move away from on-premise servers. The opportunity was then taken to compare MESL’s latest delivery management system - RouteMagic.

Being in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic, About Roofing wanted to automate the delivery confirmation as much as possible. They wanted to do this while providing customers with precise ETA’s, and sharing the view of completed and upcoming deliveries across all of their offices.

The Requirements

The dispatch management process at About Roofing is extremely dynamic, with vehicles returning to depots throughout the day to load their next deliveries. This meant that the real-time view, truck tracking and job allocation features offered by RouteMagic was a major requirement.

With the exception of the starting jobs, work is allocated to the next available truck as they become free, with the added complication that the trucks must return to the home depot at the end of the day.

The clarity and ease at which their teams can allocate work using our Route Planner helped to make their decision to implement RouteMagic. Proof of delivery was the original requirement 5 years ago and remains so today. With RouteMagic, About Roofing have an enhanced solution that is easy and fool-proof for the drivers to operate.

Workforce Management

For each job, a specific POD workflow can be specified, including whether signatures and photographs of goods on-site are required, along with receipt numbers if a ‘booking in’ system exists. So the site can be prepared for the delivery, RouteMagic texts ahead once the previous delivery is completed.

Flexibility & Communication

The real improvements seen with the implementation is the added flexibility RouteMagic has allowed their operation to have, along with how the system is able to support staff from multiple branches who are all accessing the system simultaneously. This accessibility and communication ensure that customers delivery queries are easily answered on the first call, without the need to contact drivers manually to establish the facts.

KHB Bakery is based in Salford, Manchester and specialises in supplying Polish bread, savouries and cakes to Wholesale customers as well as from their retail outlet at the bakery.

Managing Director, Heresh Abubakir started the business when he moved to the UK in response to the lack of genuine Polish Baked goods where he lived.

The bakery quickly built a strong local following, and now offers a 6 day-week delivery service, supplying a flourishing wholesale customer base through Manchester, Hull and Derby. Heresh identified a need to implement a new system that would manage their entire order-to-cash cycle while the business rapidly expanded its operations.

Heresh contacted MESL, looking for a single-source system that would help him manage his growing business.

Streamlining the order-to-cash cycle

The key requirement he had identified was the need to manage all the steps from taking the customer order to getting paid, updating each part of the transaction along the way. The RouteMagic system allows their sales team to enter the telesales orders and allocate them to the correct route. The picking lists are created for loading the trucks and the delivery drivers use the RouteMagic mobile app to make their deliveries.

The mobile app prompts the driver to collect payments if they’re servicing a cash customer, and records customer signatures and names. Their drivers can take photographic proof-of-delivery reports through using the app if it is an early morning delivery, and the customer isn’t present.

Improving Customer Service

As soon as a delivery is completed it updates the office system and is shown on the Route Monitor where the customer service team can track the driver's progress through the route, view signed POD’s and estimate the time of the next delivery.

This detailed information, in an easy to digest format, provides the Customer Service team with all the information they need to be able to answer customer questions without needing to contact the driver.

The invoice for each delivery is automatically generated and payments are recorded, eliminating the manual tasks needed to post and record invoices and payments that they had to deal with before implementing RouteMagic.

Maximising Sales and reducing admin

The sales and finance teams at KHB Craft Bakery are now far more productive than before, with cost and time savings evident throughout the organisation. The sales team are able to see the buying history of each customer, using this information to generate today’s orders at the click of a button. They can maximise sales whilst ensuring regular products are not missed. Furthermore, live stock information is available at the time of entering the order, allowing the team to push alternatives if items are out of stock. This way, they can avoid missing sales and keep the customer happy.

The finance team no longer need to rekey invoices and payments, saving over 3 hours a day to reinvest into more productive tasks.

RouteMagic has streamlined the complete Order-to-Cash cycle for Heresh who now has a full picture of how his business is performing through the extensive reporting offerings provided by the system. RouteMagic allows KHB’s growing business to expand without the need to increase the administration team and overheads.

Covetrus is a global animal health, dental and medical distribution business with a turnover of $12 billion, employing 5,000 workers and operating in 26 countries.

From its division based out of Annacotty, Co. Limerick, Covetrus supplies animal health products to large animal and companion animal veterinary clinics throughout the Republic of Ireland. IOt employs over 55 people and occupies two warehouses in Limerick with over 52,000 square feet of operating space.

Offering a next day delivery service, often with multiple deliveries to the same customer, Covetrus identified a critical need for better visibility, and to have the confidence that orders were fulfilled on time and the correct locations. Additionally, as they supply many regulated products, there was a need to track the package from picking to customer acceptance.

Integrations & Route Optimisation

Covetrus selected RouteMagic as their delivery solution and elected to implement it alongside their existing SAP system, to manage route optimisation, load verification and proof of delivery. From SAP, RouteMagic receives the overnight delivery manifest for each route, with each delivery package barcoded. The dispatch team are able to optimise each delivery route and drivers can scan the delivery packages onto their van.

Consistent Order fulfilment

The scanning of deliveries eliminates the chance of an incorrect load, and the dispatch team can view the status of each route, and see how many packages have been loaded, and how many are waiting to be loaded, at any time. This allows the team to make decisions to release a partially loaded vehicle and move delayed orders to later routes, ensuring routes are dispatched without unnecessary delays.

At the delivery address, the process is reversed and the driver scans the package barcode against the customer order, ensuring the correct package is always given. Once a delivery is completed, the delivery status for that customer is updated and can be viewed by the Customer Services team on the Route Monitor, with instant access to the signed Proof of Delivery, which can then be emailed to the customer.

Eliminating paper records & Minimising manual error

Adoption of the RouteMagic system has dramatically reduced the number of errors experienced throughout the delivery process, and the electronic proof of delivery mechanism has removed paper delivery notes entirely, with the major benefit of not needing to scan and file these documents. This subsequently has reduced administrative time and effort, which can be reinvested into more productive tasks.

Finally, the RouteMagic package tracking system can be used to manage the loading and delivery of any pre-packed deliveries, from frozen food in chill bags, totes or palletised loads.

Bits N Bobs are an FMCG wholesaler based in Manchester, servicing convenience stores throughout the North West.

They supply a range of household essentials, stationery, vaping and mobile phone accessories that are displayed on Spinner Stands that their reps are responsible for restocking and merchandising.

Bits N Bobs have been MESL customers on our legacy M-POS platform for many years and upgraded to RouteMagic to help build greater control and efficiency into their operations whilst taking advantage of its modern technology.

Sam Choudry, Bits N Bobs owner, understood that a key area of concern for the business has been the need for better stock control throughout the whole organisation.

Using their previous system, each route would have its own stock warehouse and reps were able to top-up their stock daily from the central warehouse. Stock control using their manual system was largely based on trust, resulting in either stock being lost, reported missing or the drivers had to deal with stock surpluses on the route. Managing stock became a weekly burden of stock-takes for each van and manual verification, with an unacceptable level of stock shrinkage and limited visibility of the actual cause.

Digitising their Operation

RouteMagic provided a solution to the stock management problem with its extensive inventory control system. This allows users to create multiple warehouses and make simple stock movements between warehouses. Sales Reps can submit a stock requisition from their mobile devices and the warehouse team can pick the stock ready for the Rep to collect the next day. RouteMagic automatically adjusts these changing stock levels as they happen. Stock levels are always available in the office application, so the warehouse team have full visibility of where stock is and its utilisation, with their team being able to transfer excess stock to the routes where it’s needed most.

Inventory Management

The RouteMagic inventory control system manages all stock movements from issues and returns to the main warehouse, allows drivers to manage stock loads with van-to-van transfers and manual picks from the main warehouse. This ensures the integrity of stock levels and valuation. The extensive inventory options allow Sam to keep accurate stock records at all levels of his business, whilst enabling him to reduce his working capital requirements for stock.

Visibility & optimised stock control

Sam has also taken advantage of many other new features in the RouteMagic system to make his team more productive. In-store servicing time of customers has reduced, and he can now see the real-time activity of his sales team and track their movements through the Route Monitor. The display spinners are now pre-configured as Planograms ensuring all retailers are stocked to the optimum level and merchandised correctly.

The implementation of RouteMagic has achieved Sam’s original goals; Bits N Bobs now have full control of their stock holding, eliminating the stock shrinkage that was previously at 14% and saving time throughout the sales process.

In the coming months, Sam is keen to bring greater control into other areas of his sales process, by managing routes and customer schedules better than the current standalone spreadsheet-based call lists he produces by introducing the RoutePlanner to manage this critical element of the business.

Moving forward, Sam is looking to achieve greater control over other areas of their sales processes. He wants to improve the management of route and customer schedules using our Route Planning module, along with various other developments.

"The System from mobile Enterprise Systems has allowed us to service more customers with the same number of staff and certainly helped us be more efficient.”

  • Operations Manager

We worked closely with Prep House, worked out their pain points and integrated our System, tailored to their specific needs for improvement.

Prep House are a speciality sauce manufacturer, servicing the retail and foodservice industries in Northern Ireland. They are a small business that relies heavily on their Van Sale drivers being the face of the company to their customers and has detailed product knowledge along with great sales skills.

The Challenges

Drivers were spending as much of their time working with their paper-based systems as they were actively spending time in front of customers.

A lot of office staff were required to enter and process this information into their accounts system, which was both time-consuming & costly.

They wanted to smoothen over inefficiencies in the workflow, deliver to customers quicker, without sacrificing quality service

Automated Steps for Improvement

After implementing RouteMagic's route management and CRM System, they can now:

1.Swiftly and accurately enter customer sales

2.Capture product batch numbers directly to their smartphone devices

3.Achieve more efficient operations

4.Reduce administrative time/costs

5.Immediately print a customer's invoice.

Improving Customer Service & reducing admin

All of these adoptions leave them more time to engage with the customer and increase up-sell rates, building better relationships. Not just the Sales Reps have benefited; in the office, hours of re-keying data have been eradicated and staff are now able to focus on productive tasks that contribute directly to the company’s success.

“The ability to instantly access both customer and staff information has enabled me to make fact-based decisions, to have accurate information on products, customer and finance needs allows the business to plan, grow and enhance the service we provide to the customer. The benefits of automating manual processes has helped reduce time and cost”

  • Owner

Barnies is a family-owned and run business, established over 20 years ago. This business has grown from a small van delivering bakery, sandwich & pastry goods to local establishments, to a small fleet of 10 purpose-built vans that cover most of East Anglia.

Rising fuel prices and other operational costs create continued pressure on the company’s profit margins. The ability to keep overheads down and account for hidden costs was crucial, particularly in a low margin industry.

Though proud of their business’s heritage, the team were also prepared to propel Barnies to the forefront of their industry by adopting all the latest methods that emerging technology could bring. Pinpointed Areas for Improvements.

We worked with Barnies, and identified the following inhibitors to their growth:

1.Complete visibility and transparency of customer interaction. 2.Business visibility and modules integration 3.Complete system for tracking of Customer Orders, Invoices and Delivery 4.Going paperless and completely digital. 5.Easy reporting and availability of all data and past records at your fingertips. 6.Sales and Opportunities tracking. 7.Automation of manual process. 8.Real-time interaction between back office and field sales team.

The Solution

We introduced ‘order-to-invoice’ operations management system, designed to allow small to midsize businesses to control every aspect of business operations. Enabling real-time interactions between front sales and back office, generating all necessary paperwork thus helping to reduce costs and work more efficiently.