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CPG distributors face many challenges - managing demographics, packaging types, shelf-space competition, seasonal variations in product demand and the task of optimising product lines to suit each customer’s needs. To juggle these tasks, a competent management system needs to be in place, providing breathing space for your team to expand your customer base and manage ever-changing consumer behaviours and preferences.

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Data-Driven Personalised Service

Goods move fast and each of your customers will require different products mixes to satisfy local demand, so a key part of fulfilling orders effectively is knowing how much of each product is needed, based on historic sales and projections. To do this, data-driven strategies are a secure way to understand your customer needs and the result is an organised sales force able to maximise every opportunity.

Sales Reps can also take future orders on the spot on their mobile device, without the need for paperwork, these orders are sent back to the office in realtime and your team can begin preparing them for dispatch immediately. Your sales team can be empowered to offer discounts and be seen as a flexible, friendly organisation to work with. This is all controlled and managed with you set the limits possible and boosting sales whilst retaining control.

RouteMagic provides sales and returns history records for each customer, as well as suggesting relevant products, so you can make informed decisions concerning new orders. Once you have more information about customer preferences allows the most effective utilisation of allocated shelf-space allowing you to tailor product mix to individual needs, providing better service all which results in loyalty and increased profits.

In-depth sales statistics for all products in your range allows you to predict stock requirements and monitor re-order levels more accurately, ensuring no stocks run too low and orders missed.

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Managing and Planning Deliveries

Being able to create and plan deliveries quickly saves time and effort throughout the fulfilment chain, and using a fully-featured Delivery Management system like RouteMagic ensures goods are picked and packed accurately and scheduled for dispatch in the most efficient and timely manner to meet customer SLA’s.

Planning orders in advance on RouteMagic, and being able to take a glance to see the status of each order, lets your team swiftly react to any issues which may cause delays, so your operation runs as predicted. Saving time here can then be re-invested to improve performance elsewhere in the business.

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Product Management

Being able to monitor the speed at which each product is selling throughout a season highlights and helps you to manage the issue of slow-moving products. This knowledge will enable you to set up and manage promotions and discounts for customers quickly and easily and will help you avoid surplus stocks or unsold product lines when seasons end.

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