Mobile Workforce Solutions

Achieve a seamless ordering process from creation to completion, improve order-to-cash flow, manage customer demand more effectively, with greater visibility over your entire business.

Streamline your entire delivery operation and improve the quality of service

With a cloud-based, digital system in place, you can track all activities in real-time, from any device, anywhere.

This unparalleled visibility gives you total control over your operation from day-to-day, and gives you access to accurate data and analytics in the long-term so you can make impactful decisions for the growth of your business.

Route Planning

Our planning feature takes deliveries into a single screen, and the ‘drag & drop’ function allows you to drop each delivery onto the desired route.

The Route Planner indicates route types & stop types in different colours ensuring that the planner can use these visual indicators and plan appropriately. Any unassigned/skipped deliveries from past show up, ensuring no order falls through the cracks.

Appropriate icons indicate the status of each delivery; from creation to packaging. Achieve a bird's eye view over each delivery, with real-time updates. Your planner can work in parallel with the picker and packer, and allocate orders to routes while they are still being picked/packed.

Click on each tile to see extensive delivery information; customer info & specific client details, costs, items etc. This again eliminates the opportunity of error, resulting in a smoother workflow.

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Multi-Channel Selling & Order Management

Align each of your sales order processes, from the web or e-commerce stores, telesales, fax, email or text so they seamlessly run into our system.

From here, you can plan daily and weekly routes and automate the progress from order placement, picking, packing & loading, driver tracking, proof-of-delivery, invoice creation and payment processing. Automatically-adjusted stocks ensure your inventory management is optimised through the entire process.

An organised, digital ordering system with key stages highlights any mistakes or delays, ensuring order fulfilment is maintained.

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Customer Self-Service Portal

RouteMagic’s Client Portal offers a convenient, online space for your customers to manage their own orders. They can log in to their customer space, and place a new order, review outstanding payments, make adjustments to orders and overview all previous records of past records.

Your teams don’t have to manually update each customer and provide updates, while your customers can manage their own orders at a time convenient to them.

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Reporting & Analytics

RouteMagic empowers your management team with the tools they need to easy to access and interpret data from customer reports, financial performance, sales order statistics and stock insights.

These reports are compiled and organised by the system and presented in an easy-to-digest format, so you can make decisions on how to grow the business with accurate information that promises results.

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