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Digital software for the management of logistics and transportation operations has been traditionally difficult to implement, modify, expensive, and has not been user-friendly. These all bring with it inevitable inefficiencies and create issues for teams and their workflow.

A difficult to navigate and use system can result in disorganised warehouses and inventories, augmented ordering processes and an ability to have a clear view of the operation, end-to-end. This results in unfulfilled or wrong orders, or delays and disruptions that could have been avoided.

RouteMagic has been designed to address these issues. With seamless integrations into existing accounting software, easy-to-use back-office and mobile app interfaces, and fully customisable company, customer, and worker rules, you can ensure a complete operation with each process feeding into the next in synchrony.

Integrations & implementation

With a quick set up and no need to host our web-based system, you can reap the benefits of a simple set-up and quick installation.

RouteMagic can be accessed from any device, so you can have a bird’s eye view of your operation whenever you need to.

The System has been designed to integrate easily and seamlessly with existing accounting systems. Whether you run Sage, Xero, Netsuite, Myob along with a host of other systems, RouteMagic embeds itself alongside existing systems to ensure streamlined, complete operational control.

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Inventory & Warehouse Management

Optimise storage with our inventory management module. Stock adjustments and changes are captured in real-time using our mobile app. Warehouse operatives can use their devices to log all changes made, drivers report loads and unloads and from which depot or warehouse, while RouteMagic takes care of logging adjustments made. This information is passed straight back to your offices, to ensure tighter control of stocks.

This ensures consistent sales order fulfilment, with no room for miscounted stocks to result in wrongly packed orders and unfulfilled deliveries.

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Streamlined Order Processing

Import, process, and track orders automatically. Integrating your existing sales order platforms or methods into RouteMagic, your teams can process orders quickly, reducing the order-to-cash cycle of your operation. Rapidly pass consignments onto teams and drivers using the communicative benefits of a fully integrated back-office system and mobile application.

Automating ordering stages means you can use resources more efficiently, and all order and delivery details are stored under each consignment, improving organisational abilities and ease of access for the appropriate team members.

The result is a streamlined ordering process and massively reduced back-office administrative overhead.

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Route Management, Live tracking & EPoD

Route optimisations automatically calculate the quickest call schedule and route for your drivers to follow, offering exact ETA’s that align with customer needs and requirements.

Track driver progress in real-time using our Route monitor, with all the delivery reports and details being accessible at any time by office teams.

Once a delivery has been made, the proof-of-delivery report, total sales and returns, any photographs or additional details are sent straight to the office for review and processing, improving workflow massively and eliminating paper processes.

Accurate delivery status and delivery times can be accessed by all of your team, along with your customers, enabling pro-active customer service while saving your teams time.

RouteMagic also offers the tracking of deposit items and returnable assets.

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Data & Analytics

RouteMagic organises sales reports and presents the data in an easy-to-digest format, enabling your management teams to use accurate information to make plans for growth that promise results.

  1. Pull any of the historical records for routes, customers, and drivers
  2. Get custom reports through our reporting module.
  3. Use a fully integrated BI tool to slice and dice the data the way you want. Not every route, vehicle or customer is profitable. Focus on areas that matter and cut your losses.
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