Solutions for the complete management of pharmaceuticals distribution and healthcare services from end-to-end

As the distribution operation of medical supplies and pharmaceuticals becomes more complex, the harder it can be to keep the system that manages orders, products, product groups & prices, deliveries and payments simple and manageable itself.

On the other side of paper-based systems and their traditional issues, complex digital alternatives often provide complicated systems that are difficult to use, which reflects on the business through inefficient teams that find the system difficult to navigate.

RouteMagic offers a simple yet extensive solution for pharmaceutical distributors to control key processes from managing products & prices, inventories, ordering stages, and final-mile tracking, all while being a user-friendly system that ensures worker productivity and complete control of your operations.

Pharmaceutical distribution

Whether you distribute your pharmaceuticals on a business-to-business or direct-to-customer basis, our powerful end-to-end solutions can help you to manage orders, control stock levels and inventories, improve customer service, and track deliveries in real-time.

Regardless of your delivery radius, fleet or operation size, RouteMagic provides complete ordering, route planning, proof of delivery, and payment management so you can reduce the cost of service and ensure order fulfilment for every delivery.

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PPE and cleaning supplies

RouteMagic offers specific features for the distribution of PPE and cleaning supplies.

From order management, driver, asset and deposit item tracking, and proof of delivery, your business can reduce the cost of service, improve overall efficiency and enhance customer service with our end-to-end solutions.

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Healthcare Services

Track jobs, ensure your teams carry out customer-specific tasks and requirements and have the progress of each worker updated automatically in your offices.

Ensure your business provides consistent, quality service, and keep on top of daily jobs with a single system, that helps you to manage your workforce and allows your teams to focus on their primary tasks using a powerful mobile application.

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