Solutions for the delivery of Food & Beverages

Gain complete control and visibility over every delivery and manage your entire operation under one roof with a complete system.

Accountable, Consistent, reliable service

With over 2 decades of industry knowledge, sector-specific understanding and technical expertise, we understand the true benefits of close customer relationships, to address challenges and deliver solutions to overcome barriers to growth, regardless of sector or size.

Our customers in the food & beverage industry require a variety of different features and capabilities from our systems to overcome challenges and get ahead of their competition. Whether they are looking to reduce administrative costs, vehicle driving times, improve accountability or customer service, our one-stop solution helps them to deliver consistently, quality service, time & time again.

With an electronic proof-of-delivery system in place, the accountability of each fulfilled delivery is irrefutable, leading to minimised customer disputes and maximised visibility of daily operations.

From here, you can promise reliable, and consistent deliveries to your customers, strengthening customer relationships and ensuring loyalty, whilst leading the way with a digital system that will cater for your growing business for years to come.

Order Management

Whether your customers have regular Standing Orders, send daily orders through EDI, web portal or speak to a sales agent. RouteMagic allows you to:

  • Quickly set up standing orders for each customer and apply customer-specific pricing. You can set the duration, the weekly schedule, products and quantities, and be safe in the knowledge that the system will ensure these orders are processed by your warehouse and mobile teams.
  • Bulk pick, pack, or load orders to speed up the ordering process, while each stage is updated in real-time as your teams fulfil them.
  • Empower your drivers with our mobile app, which allows for easy up-selling, with all the customer and delivery information and past sales records available on your drivers' devices, allowing for personalised customer service.
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Route Planning & Optimisation

Have all of your orders planned using a single screen, with drag-and-drop functionality which lets you clearly allocate orders onto each route manually. Alternatively, you can pass this over to the system, which offers automated route optimisations, taking into account specific ETA’s and finding the quickest route from customer-to-customer for each route.

This maximises resource and fuel efficiency and reduces route times, whilst promising that every order is fulfilled at the correct times.

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Complete control through a single drivers' app

Our drivers’ app is quick to learn and easy to use, whilst holding the functionality to let your drivers carry out every task each day. From vehicle checks, loading orders and transferring stocks, servicing customers, up-selling & returns, taking forward orders, checking their map, sending customer notifications to completing all of their daily reports, our app holds extensive functionality allowing them to efficiently carry out their daily tasks and provide top quality customer service.

Take a look at the app’s full functionality and see how a day in the life of a van driver will be structured with our application.

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Driver tracking & Delivery Updates

Order status, whether they have just been confirmed, picked, packed, loaded, or successfully delivered, is updated on the route monitoring screen as various stages are completed in the field, giving you unparalleled visibility and the ability to improve responsiveness to any issues or disruptions.

Delivery notifications such as emails or texts alert customers of inomign deliveries, with our geo-fencing capabilities providing updates when a driver gets within a certain distance of the drop-off location.

From any device, you can track driver locations and delivery status’, so you can manage your operation from a glance, even while you’re on the go.

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Electronic proof of delivery

RouteMagic lets your drivers take either an electronic signature, photographic evidence, or both to confirm an order’s delivery. This record is sent from the driver’s handheld device to your offices instantly, where it can be checked over, invoices can be drafted and sent back to the customer in quick succession.

This speeds up the overall cash flow of your business, lets your drivers work more efficiently, and improves the customer experience. Digitising the last steps of the delivery process enables you to offer flexible and convenient delivery options, even when they aren’t there to sign for their materials personally.

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Customer self-scheduling

Customers can have access to their own client portal; place, adjust, and oversee the status of each order, or review previous orders, all from their own devices. This reduces the time spent manually updating customers and equally provides them with a convenient way to oversee their own deliveries.

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Invoice generation and payment management

Once proof-of-delivery reports have reached your offices, invoices can either be automatically generated or manually created through the digital system, where they are prepared and ready to be exported to your existing accounting systems and sent to the customers.

The completely digital management of these last delivery stages helps customers receive their invoices swiftly, and ultimately speeds up the cash flow of your operation.

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Paperless Operations

With a completely digital system throughout every stage of the order process, you can lead a forward-thinking, sustainable operation and reach targets for sustainability set both internally and by wider Industries and customers.

All of your records; vehicle inspections, proof-of-deliveries, invoices, payment notes, site-summary reports as well as business insight reports are stored on a single system and organised in a digital filing system. Access any report from any time, at any point your team need to review them, while you save huge amounts of time and money by removing paper records and the associated costs.

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