Delivery Solutions for the Food-to-Go Industry

Finding the balance of optimum replenishment for each customer can be tricky for F2G businesses. Avoiding having surplus products on the shelves that leads to wastage, but making sure shelves are not empty, which results in missed sales is a fine line, and is challenging for any business which can be held accountable for the management of returns.

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Precisely know which products need to be where and when

With short-shelf lives, a varying product mix for each customer and short call cycles, it’s critical for F2G businesses to take advantage of all available data to understand each customer better - Knowing precisely which products need to be where and when can have a big impact on the businesses’ profitability.

Understanding each customer’s needs

Whether you provide a Vendor Managed Inventory to your customers with you carrying the risk of returns or firm orders with no returns RouteMagic provides your team with data they need to optimise each and every sales engagement.

Having the right mix of products for each customer is vital - With more data on past sales and customer preferences, you can make more informed decisions about which products to supply and when. With the right data, you can optimise replenishment, supplying the right amount of stock to satisfy demand and reduce wastage.

Using analytics, your teams can analyse customer data to personalise service - You can observe trends and purchasing habits to ensure you always supply relevant products which encourage sales and reduce waste. This improves customer satisfaction with outlets rewarded with more sales and better stock availability.

You can rely on RouteMagic to provide suggestions which are customer-specific. These suggestions are based on past sales records enabling your sales team to use this information to provide the right products to each customer, creating a more personalised customer experience. For each customer you have the choice of free-flow sales, sales led by a standard planogram, standing orders, electronic orders through our portal or EDI and of course telesales - you choose what’s right for you.

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Customers are seeking ever-more convenient ways to place and receive their orders, receive invoices and request POD’s at times to suit them, with extended store opening hours a regular 9-5 customer service team won’t meet the demands of today's customers.

RouteMagic offers a portal for customers to access details about orders, new and old. Our Client Portal lets your customers place, amend, and oversee the progress of each order, as well as letting them review the records from previous orders. This removes the need of having to speak to one of your team members directly, allowing both you and your customers to divert their focus to their daily tasks. This level of convenience is difficult to achieve without a competent digital system like RouteMagic in place.

The Food-to-Go Industry is often demanding with sandwiches having to be available during peak hours or the retailer suffers. Our Solution helps you to stick to the specific SLA’s surrounding delivery times which is crucial for your customers. If your customers can rely on their deliveries to be fulfilled on time consistently, relationships develop quickly and your businesses’ credibility improves.

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Invoicing & Payments

Being able to take any type of payment quickly and without additional records or paperwork won't slow your journey times leaving you with a competitive advantage - service more calls in the same hours. It lets you cater to each customer and their preferences, improving rapport while not taking any more time out of a driver’s day. Our handheld devices let drivers take cash, cheque or card payments quickly without the hassle of paperwork.

RouteMagic supports many types of invoicing from an instant invoice generated by the rep or daily, weekly or monthly invoices raised by the office - you choose how each customer needs to be billed and RouteMagic will take care of it, allowing you to tailor the System to the way you work.

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