Delivery Solution for Bakeries

With over 20 years of industry experience, we know that Bakeries are by nature very dynamic businesses and have their own unique set of challenges. With an order-today, deliver-tomorrow culture; speed and accuracy are essential ingredients in providing good customer service. From daily production schedules, pick/pack, journey planning and early-morning deliveries, the opportunity for Bakeries to save money is easy to find, but harder to solve.

Make a Right Bake

RouteMagic brings together each aspect of the order to delivery cycle with Industry-specific features to meet the needs of Bakeries looking to streamline their operations, saving time and money by adopting software to improve productivity and customer service.

To streamline operations and to get freshly baked products picked, packed and delivered to each customer’s SLA’s, Bakeries are looking towards Digital Solutions to aid the management of production, picking and packing. It’s more common than ever for Bakeries to have access to more accurate driver tracking and real-time updates on deliveries to ensure tight delivery windows are met, and customers receive their deliveries when they need them. Scalable solutions are becoming a must-have for when businesses expand and have to organise and oversee larger delivery operations to a growing customer base each day/week.

Picking & Packing

Working in a quick-paced, time-sensitive environment relies on effective management of the processes from when fresh goods are produced to having them on the van ready for delivery. Bakery Solutions like RouteMagic ease this process - With options for ‘bulk picking’ or ‘picking & packing by order’ RouteMagic manages the process from picking station to van loading and critically ensures picking and loading is accurate. This prevents errors which are time-consuming and costly to correct. Once picking is complete, vans are loaded from the mobile app - ensuring the right goods for each journey are available and verified before the driver leaves.

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Order Management

Regardless of whether a customer is placing a pre-order or standing order, RouteMagic allows you to work more efficiently to satisfy requirements and ease the order entry process for your team by automating steps.

Standing orders allow you to save time by not having to re-create the same orders for customers each day, but without the loss of flexibility as orders can easily be amended when needed.

Phone orders can be placed more easily by having the ability to replicate previous orders, saving key-entry time and making sure you maximise the revenue opportunity each time. Our web-portal allows customers to enter their own orders at times convenient to them and reduces their own staff resources.

All this helps you stick to Customer SLA’s, and providing your sales agents with the information they need to maximise sales opportunities by granting them access to more information about each customer.

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Delivery Operations

Customers need goods at specific times to satisfy customer demand. Early mornings provide a short time window in which Bakeries will often have to meet the agreed delivery slots for many customers, and these customers usually require routine deliveries at the same time. This requires punctuality in delivery and complex planning which can be more easily achieved through competent route scheduling and more precise planning.

The RouteMagic Route Planner offers the ability to optimise routes, using a combination of automated routing with complex algorithms to meet each customer’s SLA requirements, but still allowing you to override these automated steps with local knowledge of delivery points and locations.

With an electronic Proof-of-Delivery system, drivers can securely make deliveries in the early hours, when the delivery is often contactless or items have to be delivered to a safe location. By offering photographic proof of delivery, you can improve accountability by ensuring items have been delivered at the correct time to the appropriate delivery point.

Once the delivery is complete, you can choose to enforce an end-of-site survey which drivers must complete - This can include questions to remind drivers to lock all doors and gates, or reset any alarms and confirm they have complied with specific delivery requirements.

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Customer Service

RouteMagic keeps you informed how each route is progressing and allows you to answer customers' delivery questions with confidence through access to instant delivery notifications and driver’s locations. Our Client Portal lets your customers review their previous orders and oversee the progress of active orders, along with providing them access to all the records of an order - reducing your costs whilst improving your service.

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