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Supporting your whole customer ordering, stores management and delivery operations RouteMagic will revolutionise your business; making it more efficient and easier to manage resulting in improved customer service and enhanced profits.

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Making the right MOVE

We have been helping Dairies manage the full delivery and sales process and to drive profitability and growth, for over two decades - we call this the ‘Magic of Technology’. No matter how small or large your delivery fleet is with RouteMagic costing less than a coffee a day, RouteMagic becomes a no-brainer, and our unique simple implementation and support packages enables customers can go-live in less-than-a week.

Make sure you stay out front and keep ahead of your competitors and get in a position to capitalise on the opportunities ahead by making your business capable of dealing with the challenges ahead. Contact us now, for a demo, you’ll be WoWed by RouteMagic’s capabilities and the value it can add to your business and with its quick implementation you could be live and more efficient in under a week!

Order Management

Whether your customers have regular Standing Orders, send daily orders through EDI, web portal or speak to a sales agent; RouteMagic will make the process easier and more efficient.

  • Easily create Standing Orders with duration, quantity & delivery frequency, and allocated to the milk-rounds, means you lose the daily burden of creating 100’s of repeat orders each day, but still allows you the flexibility to make amendments when customers change their orders.
  • When Sales Agents take orders from customers they will have all the info for a customer on their screen including sales order history - with the ability to duplicate existing orders or use an order template to speed up the order process and making sure you don’t miss the opportunity to cross-sell/up-sell other products.
  • Our van-sales capabilities on the Mobile App makes sure you maximise sales revenues and minimise returns at every customer.
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Delivery Operations

Dairies cover large areas and diverse customers each often with differing delivery and timing preferences giving Operations & Transport Managers plenty of headaches making sure routes are balanced and efficient.

  • The RouteMagic Route Planner allows Dairies to plan and optimise routes using a combination of automated routing with complex algorithms to meet every customer's SLA’s with the added flexibility that local knowledge can always over-ride the optimised route.
  • Once routes are set the routes can be downloaded to the drivers mobile devices and provide the driver with a call plan, loading list and if required a vehicle inspection to complete.
  • For each customer visit the workflow will guide the user through the steps and tasks specified for each stop to make sure the driver meets the requirement of the customer and includes local printing options or email, the need to capture signatures, photos, and determine rules on managing cash and credit accounts. With many dairy deliveries completed when the customer is absent you can use these controls to make sure you get a complete POD able to resolve any customer query and add a mini survey to confirm doors are relocked and alarms set.
  • To complement the delivery workflow messages and delivery instructions are displayed for each customer, reducing driver training and route learning, especially important throughout the current pandemic and when temporary staff need recruiting.
  • Tomorrow’s route can be downloaded and milk and other products loaded ready to depart with an early morning start once orders and picking is completed - no need to wait for midnight!
  • Loads can either be for self-pick with a bulk load or pre loaded on to reserved Trolleys for larger customers and RouteMagic will control the scanning on and off of pre-loaded trolleys to ensure the right Milk is delivered to the right customers. Many customers combine both methods for the ultimate flexibility and control.
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Customer Service

RouteMagic makes it easy for dairies to provide their customers with the absolute best service - the configuration options provide unrivalled flexibility to support all types of sales including Standing orders, Web Orders, Telesales, Vansales and full returns management.

Adding a self-service customer portal will Increase customer satisfaction and retention and reduce the amount of time your staff need to spend on customer service related tasks. Our self-service portal allows your customers to adjust their standing orders and set vacation dates, place new orders, as well as check the status of their current orders or get PODs/invoices for the past orders. They can even submit feedback related to milk quality and delivery issues

RouteMagic supports the way you work with easy-to-use facilities for

  • Multiple delivery points for a customer,
  • Customer specific pricing for every item,
  • Billing options such as ‘at the time of delivery’/weekly/or monthly,
  • Daily, weekly and monthly billing
  • Payment options such as cash/credit card/check/payment gateway
  • Pre-order or van-sales with full returns management
  • Sales Promotions and alerts to make sure key products are prompted to the driver and are relevant to each customer
  • Order amendment by delivery driver - amend order lines and add new products

Never miss a sales opportunity - add a new customer or make a cash sale from the mobile APP

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Stock Management

Accurate control of stock is essential to running an efficient and profitable business and this is especially true with Dairies where products have such a short shelf life making stock rotation and batch tracking essential.

  • RouteMagic allows you to keep a track of the product right from the time it gets to your warehouse, until it reaches your customer’s doorstep.
  • Easily create production and buying requirements for the next day deliveries using suggested orders based on historic actuals and clever algorithms.
  • Keeping track of trolleys and other returnable items is a tricky task, RouteMagic enables you to record how many trolleys are left/collected with customers enabling you to keep track of the valuable assets and even allows you add the cost on non-returned assets to a monthly invoice.
  • Your drivers can do van-to-van transfer (tracked in the ERP) and replenish the stock mid-route, without going back to the warehouse.
  • With the proliferation of new dairy products, such as lactose-free milk, single-serve packages of ice cream, and four-packs of yogurt in which each carton is a different flavour, efficiently and accurately managing inumerable product SKUs is becoming almost impossible on spreadsheets, or outdated systems. RouteMagic comes to the rescue with its superior product management capabilities.
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Run a tight ship

The Dairy Sector has always been very competitive with margins always under pressure and rapid fluctuations in price that you can’t always pass on to your customers. Successful dairies are those that run a tight-ship and keep control of all aspects of their business.

Easy when managing staff in your depot but RouteMagic now enables you to extend your reach to your mobile teams. Whether they are delivering bulk tankers to manufacturers or servicing retail, hospitality or institutional customers you can make sure they follow your rules and you can track and report on everything they do from start time, when and where customers were serviced and ensure they don't cause you to SLA’s by skipping steps in the delivery process like signatures or image capture.

Save time and money by emailing POD’s and invoices direct to your customer, go paperless on all transactions and get this all in real time.

With over 75 different settings, you quickly and easily configure RouteMagic to reflect your rules and business vision and ensure your team are always working towards the same goal.

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Customer Testimonial

Our customer SLAs are aggressive; for instance, we take orders right up to midnight for next day delivery; in order to service that commitment, we needed the best logistics systems available. The management information provided by the Mobile Enterprise Systems solution has helped us to identify where potential efficiencies can be made to reduce operational costs, minimise fuel consumption and maximise our drivers’ time.

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