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Optimize your routes and management total control of your entire business.

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Sell Smarter, Deliver Faster

We understand the issues which attach themselves to the incredibly competitive Dairy Industry.

Competition is stronger than ever and it’s imperative that your business continues to stay one step ahead.

Your Business could bid farewell to these difficulties, with the implementation of the powerful delivery management solution.

Take a look at the benefits we offer, which extend far beyond the office:

  • Mix and match pricing
  • Returns management
  • Live updates from your field operatives to your office and your customers
  • EPoD - Improve customer rapport massively
  • Paperless transactions
  • Precise Inventory Management at Store & SKU levels
  • GPS Route Tracking
  • Account Sales Observations
  • Build pre-invoices before delivery
  • Tiered Pricing relative to units sold

Adopting the newest technologies will not just benefit your Dairy's Management.

It will effectively reconfigure the structural function of your business, with the benefits spreading throughout your reach; from back office and field operatives, right down to customer and the shelves.

Here's a testimony from one of our customers:

*“Our customer SLAs are aggressive; for instance, we take orders right up to midnight for next day delivery; in order to service that commitment, we needed the best logistics systems available. The management information provided by the Mobile Enterprise Systems solution has helped us to identify where potential efficiencies can be made to reduce operational costs, minimise fuel consumption and maximise our drivers’ time.”


  • Weekly invoice format with daily analysis
  • Management of cash customers
  • Instant POD updates with adjustments to orders and deliveries entered at point of delivery
  • Standing order management
  • Sale or return management
  • Production demand reports
  • Franchisee/agent management.
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