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Complete Order Management, delivery tracking and Proof of Delivery Solutions for Automotive Distribution

Simplifying the complex process of delivery management and tracking for automotive distribution

The demand for flexible and robust digital solutions in the automotive sector has grown drastically in the last decade. Traditional paper-based systems have always brought along issues in terms of visibility and reliability for the complex ordering processes, management of customer demands and RMA management that is closely tied to the distribution of vehicles and vehicle parts.

Sophisticated operations need comprehensive systems that help to manage demand, whilst reducing service costs and helping teams to work as productively as possible.

At the same time, customers in the sector are increasingly looking to move away from manual and paper-based ways of placing orders and receiving products. This is where RouteMagic’s sector-specific features come into play, helping operations to organise and streamline processes whilst improving worker productivity and customer service.

Digitising your operation improves visibility and traceability, letting you have a clearer view of your day-to-day and ensuring delivery fulfilment while helping you to track the growth of your business in the long term.

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May 24th, 2021

Paperless versus Digital: The costs of running a distribution business

When weighing up the costs and benefits of using a system that has been in place for years, it is important to consider the long term of 2 scenarios: The long term impacts of continuing to use the same system, and the long term impacts of switching to an alternative system, and not just considering the initial investment/learning curve etc. We are going to compare the use of a paper-based system with a digital system for managing orders, deliveries, payments, customers and so on.

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September 29th, 2021

Simplifying the Delivery Process with a Single Complete System

Managing each delivery process under one roof has numerous benefits from improving communication, streamlining operational processes and increasing productivity whilst ensuring a smooth running distribution business. So, how does a complete, one-stop solution compare with various systems integrated together? We explored the benefits of a one-stop delivery management system for ensuring consistent efficiency.

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