Wholesale Delivery

Complete Wholesale Delivery solution serving 100+ customers across UK, Ireland and UAE.

Accelerate Cashflow, help your workforce accelerate wholesale deliveries, faster, more accurate information flows, customer-centric features, reductions in manual error and 0% paper waste possibilities.

Our Wholesale Delivery System works specifically for food and drinks wholesalers looking to expand operations as productively as possible.

Wholesale Mobile Delivery App

See how our Mobile Delivery App works for DSD and Wholesalers

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Using the latest Android, Windows and iOS phones, PDAs or tablets with real-time data transfers between field and office, mobile workers are operationally connected to your business at all times.

Our DSD Software combines real-time delivery, tracking & advanced route planning to create a powerful mobile data solution.

  • Driver call schedule with delivery/collection sequence
  • Customer order and credit history
  • Electronic POD with customer signature
  • Customer pricing, discounts & promotions
  • Adjustable workflow to meet customer SLAs
  • Customer payment and returns collection
  • Enterprise-grade barcode scanning
  • Configurable vehicle inspections
  • Operates offline
  • Portable printers to instantly print POD
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Bulk Picking

Process orders as swiftly as possible

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You can choose to pick orders in bulk, to by-pass the manual hassle and time of entering each product needed for an order.

This automatically pushes the order through to the packing/loading stages on the office system, to speed up the work-rate & have delivery times met.

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Packing and Loading Orders

Cut out the need for manual Catalogue packing & item loads.

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Package types are defined on the system, so when packing an order, each item can be correctly prepared. The load orders are pre-populated & the driver can use a single screen to load all the stocks needed for the day, and the option to allow drivers to request stock makes adding items to the inventory easy.

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Amendable Delivery Pricing and Quantities

Reward long-term customers and WOW new ones

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You can configure three different levels of pricing:

  1. The default price of products.
  2. Generic Price Lists where you can provide discounts (either in absolute to %terms) to specific products of your choice.
  3. Customer Specific Price lists where you can provide certain customers with special prices for the products of your choice.

These three levels of pricing give you tremendous flexibility on pricing the products exactly the way you want, yet preventing mistakes from people downstream - pricing rules that you set are automatically enforced.

Our System can manage complex pricing, organising distinct prices for each customer and each product.

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Easy Returns with Automated Cost Adjustments

Cut out the time spent manually calculating costs

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Drivers can take returns quickly and easily through the Handheld App, making life easier for both driver and customer.

Any agreement you may have with a specific customer about the pricing of an item can be implemented on the spot, with the pricing changes and total being automatically calculated there and then.

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