Stock and Equipment Control

Stock Transfer Across Vans

All of the flexibility and power, none of the risks.

We give you the power and flexibility to convert your vans into mini warehouses. Transfer stocks across your delivery vans to help maximize your sales, replenish stocks and unblock your mobile team to make and execute stock transfer decisions on the go. Appropriate authorizations can be added as part of the process.

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Amendable Delveries

For the times when customers mind changes at the last moment

Amendable Deliveries

If you want, you can configure your deliveries to be amendable by the driver. This allows him to cater to the situations when the customer has a sudden change of mind and wants to change his order at the last moment.

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Why type when you can scan

Use scanners and barcode printers to improve the efficiency of your workforce. You can scan barcodes through scanners to account for stock. Use Bluetooth printers to print new barcode labels. All of these work seamlessly with our product

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