Stock and Equipment Control

Stock Transfer Across Vans

All of the flexibility and power, none of the risks.

RouteMagic gives you the power and flexibility to convert your vans into mini warehouses. It allows you to transfer stocks across your delivery vans to help maximize your sales, replenish stocks, unblock your drivers and provide a better customer experiene.

Imagine one of your drivers runs out of certain items, and he is far from the warehouse so replenishment of van stock is not practical. Normally, you would have to forego off all the revenue opportunities for these items for the rest of the day. However, if you have Routemagic, the back-office staff can coordinate so two vans meet at a convenient location and do a stock-transfer which is properly tracked and inventory controlled through RouteMagic.

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Amendable Deliveries (Price and Quantity)

For the times when last minute changes are required

Amendable Deliveries

RouteMagic Admin UI gives you the flexibility to specify if a driver is allowed to change the price and/or quantity of a delivery.

Using this configuration capability, you can empower the driver to make last minute changes to service the customer better, and also eliminate the need for manual adjustments by the back-office staff at the end of the day.

Like all configurations, you can authorize the above flexibility to only a certain category of drivers.

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Why type when you can scan

Use scanners to improve the efficiency of your workforce and prevent mistakes.

You can scan barcodes through scanners (or even handheld camera) to account for stock both during vehicle loading as well as during van sales or wholesale delivery.

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