Route Planning

Route Planner

Plan schedules simply with a single-screen

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All the info (such as order priority, delivery windows, number of items in an order, price of the order, driver name, vehicle name, customer name) which are critical for planning are available on a single screen making informed planning super-easy.

With next-generation Drag and Drop Functionality, you can allocate orders to different routes by just dragging them to the right location.

There are visual/color indications w.r.t different route types and stop types, allowing your planner to keep this info at back-of-his mind while planning Warnings are generated if a vehicle is allocated more orders than its specified max capacity.

Unfulfilled/Skipped orders automatically roll over to the next day, ensuring you never miss an order.

Of course, you can plan for future dates as well.

For a full in-depth look, click here.

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Google Maps Integrations

Real-Time View and Updates

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Our System is integrated with Google Maps, so you can see the locations of all your vehicles or all the planned stops for a vehicle on a single page.

Combine the capabilities of Google Maps with your business. This means you can access additional insights such as live traffic updates, accidents & weather conditions to make situational decisions on the go.

To see how our automated Route Optimization works, have a look a the video below.

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Route Scheduling

Save masses on fuel costs & push more sustainable practices

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Your planner puts all the orders/site visits that need to be serviced by a route through 'Route Planner'. Then just with a click of a button, the system iterates millions of permutations & combinations and suggests the most optimal path.

The path suggested ensures that the stops are prioritized so that an ETA lies within the delivery window for that stop. The algorithm also accounts for the average time that is required to service a stop.

Take a look at a typical day for your Office staff using our System.

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Route Monitor

A Bird's Eye view in Real-time

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The Route Monitor gives you real-time visibility into what is happening in the field. It is a single screen, where back-office planners can see the status of all the routes. For each route, they have access to info such as:

  1. Current Location of the vehicle & the route being taken
  2. All customers the driver has serviced so far
  3. For service stops: information on when the stop was serviced, along with the visit summary report and E-Pod
  4. Any communication so far with the customer
  5. ETAs for each delivery

This ultimately keeps everyone in the loop, thinking on their feet & implementing decisions which keep schedules matching goals.

See a full break down of the Route Monitor here.

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