Route Planning

Route Planner

Forget spending hours manually planning with our single-screen solution

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Our Route Planner takes all of the day’s deliveries into a single screen, and the ‘drag & drop’ function allows you to simple pick and drop each delivery onto each route, setting up the sequence in the process.

The single screen lets you check over each order for quantities, products, any special notes or delivery windows, before ‘locking’ a route to let your other team members know the route is ready to go.

Plan for up to a week in advance, with standing orders and routine stops being automatically filtered into the workflow.

Our route optimisation tool takes the stops scheduled on any given route, and the system will calculate the quickest route from delivery to delivery, ensuring you reduce route times and vehicle miles for a more sustainable delivery operation.

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Route Optimisation

Optimise routes for the quickest route times and fastest deliveries

Using complex algorithms that take into account customer-specific delivery windows, RouteMagic will automatically calculate the quickest route for a driver once the orders have been allocated to his vehicle.

These calculations ensure specific ETA's are adhere to, reducing emissions and driivng times in the process whilst promising each delivery is fulfilled, everytime.

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Google Maps Integrations

Live driver tracking & Delivery updates

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Our System is integrated with Google Maps, so you can see the locations of all your vehicles or all the planned stops for a vehicle on a single page.

Combine the capabilities of Google Maps with your business. This means you can access additional insights such as live traffic updates, accidents & weather conditions to make situational decisions on the go.

To see how our automated Route Optimization works, have a look a the video below.

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Route Scheduling

Cut fuel costs & promise consistent quality

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Our Route Planner lets you schedule deliveries for up to a week in advance. The single-screen ensures you take into account delivery windows, and you can easily check each route before saving your schedules.

Our route optimisation feature will calculate the quickest route, once deliveries have been placed on a route. The sequence ensures that the stops are prioritized so that an ETA lies within the delivery window for that stop, and the algorithm also accounts for the average time that is required to service a stop.

Take a look at a typical day for your Office staff using our System.

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