Route Planning

Forget spending hours manually planning with our single-screen solution

Our planning feature takes deliveries into a single screen, and the ‘drag & drop’ function allows you to drop each delivery onto the desired route.

The Route Planner indicates route types & stop types in different colours ensuring that the planner can use these visual indicators and plan appropriately. Any unassigned/skipped deliveries from past show up, ensuring no order falls through the cracks.

Appropriate icons indicate the status of each delivery; from creation to packaging. Achieve a bird's eye view over each delivery, with real-time updates. Your planner can work in parallel with the picker and packer, and allocate orders to routes while they are still being picked/packed.

Click on each tile to see extensive delivery information; customer info & specific client details, costs, items etc. This again eliminates the opportunity of error, resulting in a smoother workflow.

Plan for up to a week in advance, with standing orders and routine stops being automatically filtered into the workflow, so your team don’t have to manually enter them each week.

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