Route Planning

Route Dispatch Manager

Reduce planning time and boost performance with our Live Route Planner

RouteMagic Electronic Proof of Delivery EPOD

Live Route View and delivery status - Live view of what orders have already been delivered and where the vehicles on a map eliminates the need for back-and-forth calls with the driver. An incredibly easy to use Route Dispatch manager with Drag and Drop Functionality allows route adjustments, order allocations with a simple click. Dramatically Improve fleet utilization, boost driver productivity and reduce transport costs and planning time. Unfulfilled orders automatically rollover to next day, ensuring you never miss on an order.

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Real Time Messaging and Updates

The instant it happens, you know.

Get live updates on time delays, delivery completion and geo-fencing alerts. With real-time messaging, transactions update, sales updates, proof of delivery updates to your office from the field, ensure there are no information gaps. Your back-office and mobile workforce work closely as a cohesive unit and can take care of any emergencies or last-minute changes in an optimized manner.

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Google Maps Integration

One stop location to see all your delivery points on a single page

Google Maps Enabled Live Route Planning

Combine the might of google maps with your business. Get additional insights like live traffic updates, accidents, weather conditions to make situational decisions on the go.

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Smart Routing, Allocation and Scheduling

Let the machine do the number crunching and benefit from the optimized results

Our system can analyze millions of different permutations and combinations to allocate your orders to the right vehicles which are then scheduled and routed to increase your vehicle utilization, and reduce the total travel distance thereby significantly increasing your bottom-line.

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