Full Stock Control

Automatic Stock Updates

Stay updated across all Inventories

From warehouses to vans, our system will automatically account for stock transfers. These updates include sales, damaged and returned items too, so you have better insights into stock levels for all items, and you can define restock quantities accordingly.

Take a look at our in-depth look at the Superior Stock Control RouteMagic provides.

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Van-to-Van Transfers

Mobile Inventory Management

Permit drivers to make van-to-van transfers on the go, to avoid the delays and losses associated with returning to the warehouse and missing potential sales due to insufficient stock levels.This allows workers to flexibly achieve their goals for the day.

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Make order processing and warehouse management a breeze

Our android devices are fitted with barcode scanners to speed up warehouse processing; stock takes, transfers, as well as loading and unloading. Save your operatives time and improve the order process, getting products on and off the vans as quickly as possible.

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Real-Time Visibility

Oversee all actions as they take place

Real-time updates on stock transfers, damaged goods, item quantities across all inventories; Crystal clear visibility lets management make more informed decisions and allows all workers to be more responsive to low stock levels or insufficient stocks in certain inventories.

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Pricing Management

Let the System handle complex pricing structures for individuals & groups

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Record each item with its measurement, Barcode type, picture and default selling price easily visible on one page. Also, you can have a record of your internal standard costs, making profitability of each item, discounted or not, clear & observable.

Our System can manage complex pricing, organising distinct prices for each customer and each product. With Price Lists, you can apply promotions across all products to all/subsets of customers in less than 5 minutes.

Using RouteMagic, you can configure three different levels of pricing

  • Default price of products
  • Generic PriceLists where you can provide discounts (either in absolute to %terms) to specific products of your choice
  • Customer Specific Pricelists where you can provide certain customers special prices for the products of your choice

This three levels of pricing gives you tremendous flexibility on pricing the products exactly the way you want, yet preventing mistakes from people downstream - pricing rules that you set are automatically enforced.

For more about Product & Pricing Management, you can click here.

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