Back Office ERP System

Quicker order processing, routing and real-time visibility

The Back-Office System gives you a clear view of all operations each day, as well as helping you to plan orders further ahead and stay organised.

Our Delivery System integrates with accounting software, ERP, WMS, order processing systems and other Business-critical applications, for a smooth and seamless digital transition.

Additionally, modules can be adopted incrementally, allowing extra functions to be installed as you grow.

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Van Stock Requisition

Greater Inventory Control

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Drivers can take a picklist of stocks they need for the next day by entering it into the app.

This information is immediately updated on the office system, so your staff can oversee submissions.

This lets drivers plan ahead and make informed decisions about the products they need, which impacts van sales and profits.

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Customer Sales Records

Use data to make informed sales decisions

If you could easily access all of a customer’s previous orders; products and quantities ordered, scheduled on which days and at which frequency, you could use this information to offer the right products, at the right time.

The result? Maximised sales and an extremely convenient customer experience.

This feature gives you the advantage of better customer knowledge and lets you anticipate the products they want, which helps you to build better relationships.

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Mobile Invoicing & Payments

Quicker processing, quicker payments, better service

Once an E-signature is taken on the delivery app, the payment information is sent back to your offices, where invoices will be automatically generated and ready for review from your team.

From here, the invoice can be emailed to your customers, helping both your team and your customers keep on top of finances and payments.

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Forward orders

Plan future orders on the go

Imagine a customer wants to place an order for the coming days or weeks as they are receiving their current order of a driver - The driver can simply note the products they want, record the date and route which the order will be scheduled on, on the spot, using their device. This is convenient and quick for both the customer & driver, letting both get on with their day.

This on-the-spot ordering option encourages the customer to conveniently place an order, driving sales. These orders are sent immediately back to your office for review and approval, improving the organisation of the ordering process.

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