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Getting Started

Setup and Support

RouteMagic has been developed with ease-of-use in mind. It is critical for our customers to be up & running, with each team member using the office and mobile software competently, and quickly.

With various levels of support, we ensure your team understands and can leverage the system to improve productivity and efficiency, whether that be providing a quicker customer experience, recording deliveries effectively, reviewing invoices and speeding up cash flow.

We believe that with a competent system and competent workers, any delivery operation can promise consistent, quality service.

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Seamlessly connect all of your systems

RouteMagic has been designed to integrate with all of your existing accounting systems.

RouteMagic has been developed with a quick setup, easy integrations and short learning curve for workers in mind.

Having each of your systems aligned with each other eliminates potential issues down the line, creating a smooth day-to-day workflow where your systems speak to each other and processes are automated where they need to be.

These seamless integrations ultimately let your team have confidence in the process, so they can get on with their primary tasks whilst RouteMagic handles everything in the background.

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Ease of Adoption and Use

Work to your strengths

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Food and drink wholesalers and foodservice distributors rely on consistency. With tight margins and constant demand needing to be met, a new delivery management system that takes months to implement, and learn can be incredibly costly.

With over 20 years of Industry experience and knowledge, we have developed RouteMagic with an incredibly quick turnaround from data input to being up and running on the system.

On top of this, the system has been developed with simplicity of use in mind, meaning back-office teams and drivers can benefit from an easy-to-use interface with a short learning curve, meaning your entire delivery operation reaps the benefits of our digital delivery solution within a few weeks of implementation.

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