Driver Tracking


Precise Driver & Delivery Locations

Automatic geo-fencing alerts can also be set up to ensure that back-office people are automatically notified when a driver enters or leaves a particular location.

This ultimately keeps everyone in the loop, thinking on their feet & implementing decisions which keep schedules matching goals.

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ETA Calculations

Meet precise Customer expectations

The System’s integrations with Google Maps allow precise ETA’s to be calculated, which provides your customers with better knowledge of their deliveries so they can plan accordingly. The specific timings also help to structure your drivers’ routes.

Meet customer delivery windows everytime, and allow the system to account for specific delivery demands and customer preferences.

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Client Portal

Keep Customers in the loop

Imagine a scenario where your customers are easily able to access info of their past or current orders; PODs, invoices, delivery dates, or current status. They can even place new orders themselves.

Wouldn' this drastically reduce the load on your back-office staff and significantly improve customer service?

Client Portal Module does exactly the above. Using power of RouteMagic, you can easily provide your customers with self-service portals that take care of all their basic needs such as above.

These are totally confidential, and each customer receives their own credentials to their data.

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CRM & Suggested Orders

The right data, at the right time

Our System incorporates extensive purchasing history records for each customer and uses algorithms to suggest and promote customer-specific products that they need, so you can increase up-sells and wow customers with the goods they need when they need them.

For a full look at the CRM capabilities of RouteMagic, you can go here.

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Multiple Delivery Points

Manage alternative Delivery Locations

You can configure and manage numerous delivery points for each customer; if for example, a customer is not available to take the delivery by hand, the system can hold alternative delivery points. This is the same for a larger establishment which may have separate delivery points for separate product types.

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Visibility of Order Location

Clarity for your Office Staff

Google Maps Integrations provides you with complete real-time visibility of each delivery - This enables your office staff to have a crystal clear view of where a delivery is, so customer service is enhanced and clients are kept in the loop.

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Adding New Customers

Empower drivers to make improvised sales decisions

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Want to permit drivers to add new customers on the go?

Say they are in a remote location and make an improvised sales decision, the system will easily let them set up a new customer, inputting the order and billing information there & then.

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Default Products

Catalogue regular products for each Customer

Default products can be set up for each customer, so if they do not request a specific order, they can still expect their household goods to be delivered routinely.

This allows you to build customer profiles for each client, and manage future deliveries better.

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Credit Control

Set limits for each Customer

RouteMagic allows you to define separate credit limits for each customer, so you can stay on top of finances and keep track of invoicing and payments.

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