Driver Tracking

Delivery alerts and precise tracking

Our mobile app integrates with Google maps, providing your office team with the exact location of all drivers in real-time.

Track deliveries as they are executed, and receive all delivery reports, Proof-of-Deliveries, stock adjustments and payments as they happen on the road. RouteMagic also offers exact time and location stamps for each fulfilled order.

Automatic email or texts can be sent to your customers, alerting them when their driver is nearby, helping them to prepare accordingly.

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Order Management

Complete control from creation to completion

Align each of your sales order processes, from the web or e-commerce stores, telesales, fax, email or text so they seamlessly run into our system.

From here, you can plan daily and weekly routes and automate the progress from order placement, picking, packing & loading, driver tracking, proof-of-delivery, invoice creation and payment processing. Automatically-adjusted stocks ensure your inventory management is optimised through the entire process.

An organised, digital ordering system with key stages highlights any mistakes or delays, ensuring order fulfilment is maintained.

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Mobile Delivery App

Empower your drivers with a single tool for all of their tasks

RouteMagic’s mobile app is the single tool your drivers need to log all of their activity and carry out all of their tasks each day.

Vehicle checks, stock transfers, orders, delivery reports, EPoDs, handling payments and returns are all recorded on their device conveniently, meaning no paperwork and a smooth, structured schedule is achieved.

All customer information and delivery details are available at their fingertips, removing manual processes that slow down the daily operation.

Drivers can focus on providing quality service, while their mobile app records activities and sends reports and records back to the office automatically.

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ETA Calculations

Fulfill orders to customer requirements, every time

The System’s integrations with Google Maps allow precise ETA’s to be calculated, which provides your customers with better knowledge of their deliveries so they can plan and prepare accordingly.

These specific calculations also help to structure your driver's routes. This accuracy allows for more punctual, reliable delivery times, meaning both you and your customers can manage demand effectively.

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CRM & Suggested Orders

Offer a more personalised customer experience

Our System incorporates sales history records for each customer and uses algorithms to suggest and promote customer-specific products that they want. Increase up-sells and impress customers with personal service.

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Multiple Delivery Points

Manage alternative Delivery Locations

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You can configure and manage numerous delivery points for each customer.

If a customer is not available to take the delivery by hand, the system can hold alternative delivery points. This is the same for a larger establishment which may have separate delivery points for separate product types.

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