CRM and Sales

Sales Order History

Increase X-Sell and Up-Sell opportunities by showing Sales Order History

Past History and Sales

Arm your van sales and telesales people with customers’ past sales history at the right time (Van Sales Screen on mobile app, and Sales Order screen on the back-office ERP). This allows them to X-Sell and Up-Sell, and also improves customer service as the sales staff are better informed.

RouteMagic Mobile app can also auto-pick default quantity values from past-sales, thereby reducing the step to manually key-in this information, thereby making the process efficient and less prone to errors.

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Suggested Orders

Leverage machine learning to recommend/suggest orders and gain competitive edge

This optional RouteMagic module mines through all the sales data to understand your customers’ buying behavior and from time-to-time spit out highly effective, customer specific cross-sell recommendations. It can also be used to forecast sales, so your customers can plan their inventory better.

This functionality can be leveraged by bigger RouteMagic customers to significantly increase their sales, become a champion in he eyes of their customers and take their business to the next level.

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Off-route capabilities, next day Picklist

Leverage the knowledge and intuition of your mobile sales force

Most often your mobile sales force is closest to your customers and have good knowledge and intuition on a)who are the nearby customers who are most likely to buy and b)what quantities of various items should be loaded in the van for the next day.

Using RouteMagic, drivers are empowered to do the above. They can add off-route customers and make additional sales, as well as suggest a pick-list for the next day.

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Pricing Management

Flexible, yet easy to manage and control pricing

Using RouteMagic, you can configure three different levels of pricing

  • Default price of products
  • Generic PriceLists where you can provide discounts (either in absolute to %terms) to specific products of your choice
  • Customer Specific Pricelists where you can provide certain customers special prices for the products of your choice

This three levels of pricing gives you tremendous flexibility on pricing the products exactly the way you want, yet preventing mistakes from people downstream - pricing rules that you set are automatically enforced.

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