Van Sales

This video shows how Restaurants can curve the detrimental impacts of front-door closures, allowing them to easily transition to delivery & collection services.

Take a look at our features designed specifically for Van Sales Delivery Businesses below.

Handheld Van Sales App

File reports and records on the go with the handheld mobile app for Van Drivers.

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A simple app with 6 icons structure the day and make it even easier to follow. You can choose to enforce vehicle inspections and end-of-site surveys. Our Delivery App handles multiple payment options including cash deposits, and all of the day's reports, sales, and total costs are automatically calculated, letting your drivers work without disruption.

For remote customers, our app is fully functional offline, and all of the delivery info is transferred back to your Offices once your driver resumes connection.

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Van Sales Office System

Get a clear view of all Routes and Delviveries in real-time.

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The Back-Office System gives your Van Sales Delivery Business a clear view of all operations each day, as well as letting you plan orders further ahead and keeping you better organised.

Our Delivery System integrates with accounting software, ERP, WMS, order processing systems and other Business-critical applications, meaning making the transition is effortless.

Additionally, modules can be adopted incrementally, allowing additional functions to be installed alongside your growth.

A few key features:

  • Sales analytics and GPS
  • Instant recall of all reports from your drivers
  • Delivery status reporting
  • Route Optimisation
  • Customer Profiles to improve relationships
  • Telesales Management
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Next Day Picklists

Greater Inventory Control

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Drivers can take a picklist of stocks they need for the next day by entering it into the app.

This information is immediately updated on the office system, so your staff can oversee submissions.

This lets drivers plan ahead and make informed decisions about the products they need, which impacts van sales and profits.

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Off-Route Capabilities

Work more flexibly to build your Customer Base

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If permitted by management, drivers can add new customers on the go through the handheld app. The same reports as for usual customers are recorded on the device and your office staff will get updated as soon as this happens.

This means you don’t miss out on potential revenues, and drivers can make improvised decisions to build your customer base and improve sales.

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Sales Order History

Know your customers better

The System holds detailed records of each customer’s purchasing history; which products, when, and how often, which can greatly help you plan and prepare stocks and inventories in advance.

This feature gives you the advantage of better customer knowledge and lets you anticipate the products they want, which helps you to build better relationships.

For more on our CRM features, you can see the full spec here.

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Mobile Invoicing & Payments

Manage invoicing electronically to keep the data flowing

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The mobile app will generate an invoice on the spot, which will be emailed back to your offices, speeding up cash flow.

Cash or card payments can be taken using the device to suit your customer’s preferences, with the total sales being calculated by the device and automatically producing a sales report, which is available in your office as soon as it is completed by the driver.

Cash deposits can be taken on the spot and immediately input onto the system.

Allow your food and drink delivery business to stay on top of payments and cash flows.

Easily locate past invoices, payments, or cash deposits.

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Avoid hassle for you and your customers with our digital returns capabilities

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Returns made easy; the system lets your driver account for returned items, whether they are not as per the order, or were damaged on delivery.

These items are accounted for in a separate inventory to good stocks, and the return costs are included in the summarising report for the customer.

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Forward orders

Plan future deliveries on-the-go

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Imagine a customer wants to place an order for the coming days or weeks as they are receiving their current order of a driver - The driver can simply note the products they want, record the date and route which the order will be scheduled on, on the spot, using their device. This is convenient and quick for both the customer & driver, letting both get on with their day.

This helps your office staff take & process orders quicker, resulting in a smoother ordering system from start to finish, as well as allowing drivers to provide more convenient services to customers.

You can click here to see a breakdown of the mobile app used by Van drivers on the go.

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