To avoid manual work and errors while re-typing data, as well as presenting a unified view of the business, systems integration is a must

We support full integration with:

  • Business Accounting Software
  • Warehouse Management Systems
  • Transport Management Systems
  • Bespoke and Legacy Systems

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RouteMagic already integrates with standard systems (Sage, Xero,...), and integration with any custom system is also just a couple of days.

Businesses can struggle when it comes to managing the ever-expanding data they are collecting from their people, clients and suppliers. Especially if the business is growing rapidly. Integrated systems streamline processes, reduce costs, and increase efficiency. Systems integration is important to enable the flow of data through these systems as well as to provide the data necessary to support the function of business process steps and activities. When your systems and processes aren’t aligned, it can be very time-consuming to manage everything individually. By effectively integrating your systems, you will reap the benefits of increased efficiency and effectiveness in your processes – whilst reducing the disruption caused by having all your data in different places. We support full integration with your existing Accounting, ERP, Inventory Management, or any other system. The systems talk to each other eliminating the need for manual data entry and chances of errors. Seamlessly extend your existing accounting system like Sage, NetSuite, Xero, Navision and benefit from a single control engine effectively managing mobile sales forces and back-office operations.

Business and Accounting Systems

Achieve new levels of performance and profitability with integrated business solutions. Automate processes and streamline operations allowing you to focus on growing your business. With full system integration, organisations benefit from a single control engine effectively managing mobile sales forces, delivery fleets and service delivery teams.

Web Services API

Our Web Service API allows RouteMagic to talk with any software and simply manage the sharing of data between your core system data with our API service.

Legacy Communications

Our solutions can integrate with any application that supports import/export of data files, including homegrown and legacy systems.

Integration for Small Business?

Stay in control of your finances, stock and deliveries by connecting our solution to your existing accounting software. Our solution seamlessly integrates with Sage and many other sales ledger applications providing smaller businesses with a complete mobile and office management system increasing efficiency and improving customer service levels.

Integration for Large Enterprise Solutions?

With full integration to accounting, WMS, ERP and TMS systems, RouteMagic mobile workforce solution can add to the capabilities of existing software applications, providing organisations with a fully-integrated and powerful business solution. Various API technologies and data transfer techniques can be used, including direct and real-time interfaces and batch file transfers, to create an integrated and reliable management solution.

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