Getting Started: 4 Simple Steps

We understand that moving to a new system can seem quite daunting, That’s why at RouteMagic we have made the move easy and simple.

Our experienced implementation team are on hand to get you started with full support and training whilst your team starts using Route Magic.

We understand this challenge, which is why RouteMagic has been designed with simplicity, ease-of-use, and fast implementation in mind.

  • Our team will take the existing records you have for products, customers, employees, and routes, and transfer it all onto the RouteMagic System. This process ensures all your existing records synchronise.
  • We work closely with each customer to ensure the system replicates your processes, and the setup is simple, taking less than 2 weeks from start to finish.
  • Once we have transferred all your records into Route Magic we run a test day to ensure all the functionality is working correctly, working closely with your management team to deliver a successful pilot. Now you are ready to harness the full potential of RouteMagic, with a managed roll out plan agreed we are on hand to support your team to ensure success.
  •  Start enjoying the immediate benefits of using RouteMagic, from orders through to invoicing, in one easy to use platform and join hundreds of customers who have future proofed their business whilst reducing their operational costs by 22% on average.

RouteMagic’s ERP System breaks down the complexity of the entire delivery operation into simple stages for your teams; order, route, inventory, survey, and company management. 

These 5 sections allow your teams to easily navigate and complete their tasks, whilst keeping everyone in the loop of current daily activities. 

Driver’s can be tracked, deliveries monitored, payments reviewed and reports processed, allowing your business to achieve new levels of productivity and efficiency.

The mobile driver application breaks down their daily tasks into sequential steps to follow on a single, digital system. Paper trails can be eliminated, and drivers can use a single device to carry out vehicle checks, follow their route, service customers, up-sell, take forward orders, manage all payments types and provide a driver needs to deliver quality service, every time.