February 08 2021

Workforce Management - Create your Ideal Workflow

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RouteMagic Delivery Management System is far more than an E-Proof of Delivery System on its own. It helps you manage your teams, enforce the ways you want to work and ensure that when you cannot oversee every day’s activities, that the work environment you desire is met.

This component of the System is critical for a few reasons:

1. The complete System is designed to integrate all different features into the workflow of your business. You don't need to configure a way to input your rules into a third-party system. The setup required to achieve the workflow you want is simple and quick.
2. It ensures each of your team members have their day loosely structured, which allows them to focus on their tasks and lets them know what they can and cannot do. This removes time spent juggling tasks and helps them to know where to prioritise time and efforts.
This article runs through the 3 levels of control that RouteMagic offers, so you can setup your operation with an ideal workflow which will be followed throughout the business.

1. Van Driver Rules

RouteMagic lets you define different rules for different drivers; You can setup as many profiles as you like, and assign different drivers based on how you want them to be able to work in the field. For example, long-term drivers may be allowed to apply discounts, amend orders, prices and add new customers, while temporary drivers have a stricter workflow.
Below shows the option to enforce signatures for certain actions your driver takes:

employee management

2. Office rules

These rules are the same for your admin staff, and the rules you want to be followed in your offices. With over 50 settings to choose from, you can ensure all records and reports are processed and reviewed as you want them to be.

company management

3. Customer preferences

Personalising the service you offer to each customer lets them know how much you value them. Each customer, just like every business, is different. Managing each customer manually can be very time consuming.
Our System lets you setup van sales schedules, delivery windows standing orders, custom messages and site surveys to ensure each customer gets their deliveries when they want.

customer management 1

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