March 30 2021

Wholesalers set to receive business rates relief

Photo by David Dibert on Unsplash

The UK Government has released plans for a second wave of business support, with the focus pointing towards support for UK's Food & Drink Wholesalers.
The Government has described this relief package of £1.5 billion to be a "targeted support package for businesses who have been unable to benefit from the existing £16 billion business rates relief for retail, hospitality and leisure businesses."
The FWD's Chief Executive, James Bielby has highlighted the brilliant work of consistent Wholesale pressure on the Government to provide adequate support for UK Wholesalers.
“The Treasury highlights food wholesalers as an example of where this fund should be distributed and it couldn’t be clearer that our sector is at the front of the queue." Said Bielby.
This news of this support comes alongside numerous Government grants offering support for businesses looking to digitise and plan for reopening customers over the next few months.
Now is the time to prepare for resumed services and the 'new normal'.
Our customers have implemented our Route Planning and Delivery Management Software to digitise their operations, improving profit margins, reaching new customers and managing orders more effectively.
They have made changes so their businesses can scale up once old customers reopen and demand increases. Managing demand, reducing manual error and improving how efficient their business is run.
Investing in a digital system to manage demand will reflect on your operation as quicker expansion and widening profit margins.
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