December 28 2020

RouteMagic for Wholesale Distribution - Advanced Order Scheduling & Route Monitoring

Choosing the right Route Scheduling and Electronic PoD System can be tricky for Wholesalers - Being able to create, manage and oversee routine orders as efficiently as possible requires a competent digital system which automates processes where possible, and assists planning teams by minimising the opportunity for error.
This article will explore the different capabilities of the RouteMagic Solution, designed specifically for Wholesaler’s and their specific requirements when managing their delivery operations.

Sales Order Processing

The process from order creation to loading onto the van is simple and quick allowing you to prioritise urgent orders, oversee the status of each and easily access the details of any order on a single screen.
One created, you can automate the picking, packing and loading of orders to have them ready for delivery rapidly. You can automatically skip packing, process any number of orders in bulk and have your team keep track of each order’s status at all times, so no orders are missed and you can quickly review products and quantities to ensure errors are kept to a minimum.

sale order

Route Planning

Once an order has been created, it will appear on the route planning screen - This single screen displays all of the orders scheduled for the day, and allows your team to simply drag and drop orders, allocating them to any route.

route planner

Route Optimisations offered by RouteMagic provide your team with the ability to plan multiple routes at once, with automatic calculations made by the system working out the quickest route for your drivers to take. You can choose a variety of different factors to optimise routes by, such as minimising the collective driving time across all routes, sharing the day’s orders equally between routes and so on. This saves your team time when planning, which can be re-invested towards providing more responsive customer service.
This allows for rapid planning, and your team can click on each tile (order) to overview the products, quantities, delivery window and customer info. This helps you keep on top of planning efficiently. Once a route has been scheduled and your team are happy, they simply ‘lock’ the route, save, and no more changes can be made and the schedule will be transferred onto the van driver’s mobile device, ready for them to start their day.
You can even plan for up to a week in advance.

Route Monitoring - Live Stream Deliveries from your Office

The Route Monitor provides live route data, giving your team a bird’s eye view of each route and each delivery in real-time. This improves responsiveness to any disruptions or delays, and at a glance, your office teams will know exactly where each driver is. You can show the stops on a map, and once an order has been delivered, all of the delivery reports such as Proof of Deliveries, any van sales, end-of-site surveys and site summary reports can be accessed and downloaded on the office system.
You can process invoices quicker than ever, and have them ready to be sent to customers, improving cash flow and helping you to improve your payment process.

Wholesale Mobile Delivery App

The mobile app is intuitive, easy to use and extremely quick to learn, so seasonal, temporary and new workers can be confident using the mobile app in less than a day.
The app offers a 6 icon structure for the daily operation, from vehicle inspections, route schedules, loading and unloading the vehicle, making cash deposits and reviewing all the reports of the day.

wholesale delivery app homes creen

The driver will be provided with their delivery sequence, and can carry out deliveries swiftly, taking electronic PoDs, photographic evidence, making forward orders and taking returns all through their handheld. They can connect to their bluetooth printer if customers require paper copies of their delivery reports, and the app is fully operational offline for remote delivery locations.
From the office system, you can set up rules and permissions for each driver, so temporary workers may not be able to add new customers on route, or take cash payments, while permanent members of staff may be permitted to place forward orders, make van sales and make van-to-van stock transfers to work flexibly to manage demand.
If you would like to request a personalised demo of the Software, one of our team can run through RouteMagic and show you how it can be tailored to your needs and requirements.
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