January 04 2021

Wholesale Delivery App - A Day in the Life of a Van Driver

Our Wholesale Delivey System provides drivers with an app to structure the key tasks for their day. Once they have logged on at the start of their day, they download their route, which is transferred from the back-office system once your route planning team are happy with the call schedule.

wholesale delivery app - homescreen

From here, they complete their vehicle inspections, load the vehicle, by either manually choosing stocks or through an automatically downloaded load order. When servicing customers, the app allows drivers to take photographic evidence of the delivery, overview site summaries, complete security checklists as they leave the site and overview all the details of the order. They can add products to an order, make returns and place a forward order all on a simple digital application, meaning no need for paperwork. They can then continue through their route knowing all the details and reports from the previous orders are safely in the hands of your office teams.
This short overview provides an overview of the driver’s schedule, showing how simple and easy it is for your drivers to service customers and continue with their route as productively as possible.
At the end of the day, unloading the vehicle is performed through the app. Drivers can choose to manually unload or choose to unload in bulk, to suit how your inventories are managed on a day-to-day basis. All returned or damaged items are automatically placed into a separate inventory to good stocks, so errors are minimised too.
The app also offers a cash deposit management section, so any cash handled throughout the day is kept track of by RouteMagic.
Overviewing all the delivery reports and day’s events is easily performed, and stock levels (including comparisons from the start/end of the day) can be reviewed, along with all Electronic PoDs and site summary reports. Again, all of this data is accessible on the back-office component of RouteMagic once the driver has input the information into their handheld device throughout the day.
The Wholesale Delivery Application provides live feedback to the office, and automatic adjustments for orders, stock levels and driver updates means your team has a bird’s eye view of each delivery in real-time. This helps you to improve your responsiveness to delays, customer enquiries and any disruptions throughout the day.

Additional features

The App also provides drivers with the ability to make van-to-van transfers, to ensure stock levels are optimised and customers are never left dissatisfied with the service offered.
Drivers can also choose to temporarily ‘skip’ customers if they are unavailable, so not to disrupt the workflow. They can choose to view their schedule on a map, and all of the customer information such as locations, contact names, telephone numbers and even previous order records are all accessible to ensure drivers provide personalised and outstanding customer service.
If you would like to request a personalised demo of the Software, one of our team can run through RouteMagic and show you how it can be tailored to your needs and requirements, fill out our contact form here.
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