April 14 2021

Where does your delivery operation need to improve?

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Last week we spoke about the 3 main benefits that any business from any sector can get from implementing an e-PoD System - Reduce revenue leakage, reduce administrative costs and improve visibility.
How much visibility you have over your business from day-to-day operations, to the long-term, is very closely linked with productivity, effectiveness of internal processes and profits.
Improving visibility doesn’t just mean knowing where your drivers are, delivery updates and report collection. With a clearer view of your business, you can accurately see how quickly you are growing and where the most and least profitable/productive areas are, so you can make changes that will have a direct impact on your success.
A lot of businesses can struggle to get accurate, up-to-date information about stock levels, customer preferences and habits, daily sales and so on - This means that when it comes to reviewing growth or profitability, it is very difficult to see where profits are being lost, where the business needs improvement and where to invest your time and efforts.

With RouteMagic, you have access to:

- Live driver/delivery tracking
- automatic stock adjustments
- All reports from throughout each day, as soon as they are taken
- Organised sales records for each customer
- Easy-to-digest reports around the profitability of routes/customers and your business
These allow you to take full control of your business, removing blindspots and letting you see exactly where your business is headed.
You can then adjust processes where necessary, and re-invest efforts into any areas or issues that need addressing.
With a quick setup and short learning curve, your business can continue service with a new level of efficiency, reflecting directly on increasing profits and happier customers.
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