July 16 2020

What is a Handheld Delivery Application?

Handheld Delivery Applications have rapidly had a large impact in the Delivery processes carried out by Businesses and Industries. They play a large role in today’s supply chains, and without them, Businesses and Customers would be missing out on the benefits of improved visibility, efficiency and convenience.
Mobile Delivery Applications are parts of Systems or Software that allow drivers (and customers) to make on-the-go decisions, provide updates or feedback and pass data to different teams or people in real-time.
The decreased cost of cloud-based software, and the increasing availability of networks which allow people to keep ‘in the loop’ has brought these technological capabilities to Industries very quickly, in the space of only a few decades.
In the last decade, this process has increased exponentially, and there are countless providers of delivery management systems that offer handheld applications for van drivers to ease their day and improve their workflow.
Integrated Systems
Delivery Software providers largely offer both an Office System and a mobile delivery application. These two components are integrated meaning data can flow seamlessly between the 2. This means a van driver can use the delivery app on-the-go, make updates to stocks, delivery status’, or inventories along the way, and the data can be accessed in the Office as it happens.
What are the benefits of an Electronic Proof-of-Delivery System?
These handheld devices offer a range of benefits, ranging from Office to the driver and of course, the customer.
These benefits include:
- Increased efficiency
- Customer convenience
- Irrefutible proof of delivery and the chain of accountability
- Reduction in time spent on previously manual tasks (as the delivery app will automatically take records for the driver)
- Less fuel consumption
- Improved customer service as the whole team is kept up-to-date on deliveries
- Seamless communications between driver and customer
- More time to focus on primary tasks
- Reduction in manual-error or lost paper-work
All in all, cloud-based delivery systems make work easier by automating reporting and filing, improve communications and let teams get on with their tasks without the need to fire-fight unexpected issues. They reduce the time between order creation and completion, and allow customers to get the products they need quicker, and allow the entire delivery process to be more convenient for everyone involved.
If you’d like to find out more about our own Handheld Delivery app, you can read yesterday's article, breaking down our application for van drivers.
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