August 10 2020

'IN THE LOOP' - Volta Trucks is driving the way for sustainable freight transportation

For the past few decades, more sustainable practices have been prioritised by Industries globally - The need to reduce emissions, particularly in urban areas, has been a major concern for both individual companies, NGO’s and Governments.
We recently covered the story of MOLE’s novel approach to freight logistics, looking to reduce the reliance on traditional truck transportation through an underground network of electrically-powered pods. This transition will reduce CO2 emissions immensely, cutting down congestion and improving efficiency at the same time.
Mirroring this sustainable route is the Swedish start-up, Volta Trucks; the company developing sustainably built, 100% electrically-powered trucks for the freight Industry.
Volta’s debut vehicle, the Volta Zero is the “first fully electric 16 tonne delivery vehicle.“ Purposefully designed for Urban freight transporting of goods on a commercial level, the truck uses a 160-200KWh battery to power it with a range of 160kms, up to 200kms from a single charge. The truck can also carry a load of 8.6 tonnes, with a max speed of 90km/h.


The driver’s cabin has also seen significant redesign, offering a much lower seating space, and 220 degree visibility, meaning the Zero’s design is built with safety in mind.
John Fowler, the Chief Executive Officer for Volta, has revealed; “our mission of becoming the world’s most sustainable commercial vehicle manufacturer.”
Additionally, the trucks body is made using biodegradable materials, including flax fibres, which reduces the need for synthetic material production and CO2 emissions by over 75%.
The aims are aligned with the zero-emission cities of the future, and it is an exciting turn of motion for the freight Industry in general. Later this year, the prototype is set to be ready for formal testing with real driver feedback for engineers to further fine-tune the truck’s sustainable optimisations.
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