September 24 2020

Van Sales: A Day in the Life of a Mobile Worker

Take a look at the workflow outlined by the handheld app in the infographic above.

Downloading the Route - Delivery Planning

Operatives can download the day's route so long as the previous day's route has been completed. This downloads all the info they need for and, app can now work seamlessly even without internet/data.

Getting Started - Vehicle Inspections

If permitted by management, vehicle inspections can be made mandatory before the route can be started. Vehicle Inspection results get automatically sent to back-office, and any failure/warning rules get enforced.

Loading the Van - Stock and Inventory Management

The load orders are pre-populated & the driver can use a single screen to load all the stocks needed for the day, Option to also allow driver to request stock. The stock count gets increased based on the loaded stock.

On the Route - Customer Infor and Route Optimization

GPS Route Optimisations ensure the quickest delivery route is taken. All info such as contact details, addresses, delivery instructions, and route to customer are all easily available to van drivers. Even pre-typed SMS are available for the driver to send easily.

The First Customer - Servicing Customers and payments

Following the instructions, drivers can deliver goods, do van sales, take returns, add/remove deposit items & take invoices. Photo capture, Signature taking, Barcode Scanning, blue-tooth printing capabilities all make your operatives' lives easier, and are all recalled instantly.

Leaving the Site - End-of-site and Delivery Reports

End-of-Site Visit Surveys can be enforced to ensure customer demands are adhered to. These include customer-specific checklists of actions to take, and must be signed and named by the driver.

Unavailable Customer - Contactless Deliveries

To ensure workflow is maintained, your driver can choose to 'skip' a customer, if they are not available. There is an option to return later that day and 'un-skip', or the delivery rolls onto the next schedule.

End-of-Day Operations - Digital Stock taking, cash deposits and picklists

Once all customers are serviced, the driver can do their end of day operations, such as depositing cash/cheques, can do blind stock takes before unloading. They can even provide pick lists for the next day. All these changes update the back-office appropriately, and are audit-able later.

End-of-Day Reports - Delivery Invoicing and payments

All invoices, surveys, cash deposits, stock levels & payments will be recalled on the ERP & your driver doesn't have to worry about paperwork. EOD reports allow reconciliation by the driver and help correct any mistakes.

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