April 06 2021

The Simple move to a Digital Delivery System- 4 steps

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New Systems of any kind need to be quickly implemented to avoid a build up of delays and workload. This urgency is higher than usual for food and drink distributors, because for many, tight margins mean weeks of missed deliveries or slow service could be costly. At the same time, outdated systems result in the chance that businesses are missing the chance for sales entirely.
With this in mind, we’ve broken down the simple transition process from an old system to RouteMagic into 4 stages - All completely quickly and swiftly to get businesses back on track as quickly as possible, but operating with greater productivity, maximising profits.

1. Personalised demo

We take the time to learn about your operation - Daily deliveries, the size of your fleet, your routes-to-market, your customers, your ordering process, your accounting systems along with various other features. We take the time to understand how you want to work and where you currently have blind-spots or areas of inefficiency. (click here to find out more)
We then use this information and give you a completely personalised demonstration of RouteMagic - Showing you the features and capabilities that are relevant to you. For example, a business that only delivers pre-orders will not require the setup of van sales schedules for drivers, but may be more interested in setting up automatic standing-orders which will automatically fill the same orders for the same customers on a regular basis.
This customisability means you get exactly what you want from a system, making it clear to see where you can improve on your ways of working instead of changing them to suit a new system.

2. Data transfer

RouteMagic has been designed to easily integrate with existing systems, and the setup is quick to avoid losses or delays to daily deliveries. Using simple spreadsheets, we provide you with a template which once filled with existing customer/product/order/payment information, will be imported into RouteMagic.
We understand the need for a quick and easy transition from one system to the next, and so we have developed our Software to make this switch over as simple as possible.

3. Setting up company rules

RouteMagic offers 3 levels of company setup, so your operation runs exactly as you want it to. The System offers over 50 customisable settings on company, employee and customer levels. (Find out more here)
Say you want to allow some drivers to choose their own stock to load onto the vans but not all, you want each new order to be approved manually by a member of your office staff, or you want a customer to receive specific discounts on certain products - Using our checklist of rules, you can quickly establish guidelines for how your operation works, and the system will ensure these rules are followed.

4. Pick up further than where you left off

Once you’re up and running, all of your back-office processes such as order management, planning routes, setting up daily/weekly/monthly schedules, and overseeing deliveries are all easy to perform. Your office teams can reinvest time they’ve saved to focus on their key tasks for the day. Drivers can use the app for all of their daily needs; proof-of-deliveries, navigating their route, taking forward orders, setting up new customers and so on, without the need to juggle paper records throughout the day.
With a quick setup and short learning curve, your business can continue service with a new level of efficiency, reflecting directly on increasing profits and happier customers.
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