January 23 2020

The Butterfly Effect of CRM Systems

The Butterfly Effect of CRM Systems

A glimpse into the benefits of CRM incorporation for Food & Drink Industry Supply chains

The Industry Shift

The Food & Beverage Industry is undergoing change. Changing customer demands, advancements in technologies, wholesale bypass & regulations to name a few. This is resulting in cataclysmic alterations to how businesses are required to function, ultimately raising the stakes in an already competitive marketplace.

The transition from a service-based stance, to a customer centric and finally to the relationship centric sphere we witness day-to-day currently has been continuous for the last few decades.

There is also growing demand for improved relationships between business and customer, from the flows of information between management and customer to the face-to-face interactions of employee and customer.

The FWD has already stated the urgency for transition by contemporary businesses, but the answers can be found amongst the problems.* The cause of drowning can also be the point for successful emergence.*

Businesses with an open-minded, adaptable perspective will view this large shift in functionality as an opportunity, not as a burden.

There are winners & losers.

Adapting with, not to, technological developments has already been suggested, and as many make the transition to CRM incorporated systems, you can leverage the innovations, turning potential weakness into uniqueness.

RouteMagic, Distinctive CRM & Sales History

Incorporating a CRM system into your business permits more transparent, healthy relationships between worker and customer.


crm screenshots

RouteMagic can automate orders for regular customers, using algorithms to help you understand their needs & requests better. Seeking more fruitful relationships with your customers helps you give them an increasingly personal experience, showing their value to you whilst providing the best possible service.

Sales History records will also suggest items for specific customers, by which they may have an interest in, maximising Up-sell opportunities for Van Sales, as well as X-Sales simultaneously.

Reducing mistakes which leave your van operatives with additional, avoidable tasks as well as a potentially displeased customer means a seamless day-to-day schedule with opportunities for unexpected growth through adopting a more relationship centric stance with the helping hand from RouteMagic and CRM.

Smooth operations are a very tangible reality, with advanced technologies doing the heavy work, allowing your workforce to focus on their aims for the next hour, day, week or longer.

CRM will have you adapting quickly, expanding numbers of customers whilst managing them more carefully, providing each with a personalised etiquette which benefits both parties.

The Specs

Along with suggested orders and Sales History Records, the ability to ‘skip’ customers temporarily allows drivers to by-pass customers who may be unreachable or out of the shop, and return at a time which suits everyone better. Delaying a particular order to avoid the disruption of a schedule promises an efficient process.

Next day Pick lists means drivers are empowered with the specific knowledge they have for each customer, providing them with the ability to choose possible stocks for each customers.

Customer-specific pricing means loyalty is rewarded as it manifests itself in your relationship with a consistent customer. Provide better deals & satisfy customers, who will understand how much they are valued.

A Customer & relationship centric stance drives healthy growth and pushes profits. Computer Relationship Management Systems enable this stance to become more defined and accelerates a strengthening relationship between business and customer.

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