January 22 2021

The 5 steps of our Order Management System

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RouteMagic is an end-to-end Delivery Management System, but for this article we want to focus on the Order Processing capabilities. This element makes up a fifth of the System, with Company, Route, and Inventory Management all making up the back-end system, along with the mobile app.
The Ordering component of RouteMagic has been developed to support all delivery operations and their route-to-market, delivery types and unique business workflows and preferences. A lot of the System is customisable to suit your workflow, but below are the key stages used for operations from order creation to completion.
Below are the 5 stages of Ordering using the Delivery System, explaining the different features and abilities of each:

Creating Orders

Setup standing orders, van sales schedules or manually create new orders simply - You choose the customer, delivery point, add products from the database, apply any discounts, schedule a date, time and route and complete the order setup.
From here, it’s ready to be picked, packed and loaded on the delivery date, any you can glance at the screen to see the status automatically update as the order moves through these stages.


You can still amend orders, their products, quantities and prices at this stage. You can setup orders so they are automatically approved and ready to be picked, and again, the system updates the pick status of each order as they are processed in your warehouses/depots.


You can opt for orders to automatically ‘skip’ the packing stage depending on your businesses’ workflow. Similar to picking, the status is always visible, and you can amend orders and review any order information whenever you want to to ensure mistakes are minimised.
You can approve any number of orders and create a load order for multiple orders, meaning they all are set to be loaded onto a single van. This feature improves the workflow of your office teams, and conveniently lets them prepare the routes for the day.


Once a load order has been created from packed orders, they will appear in the load order screen. From here, you can see the date, route and type of delivery each order is, as well as the status - whether they have been processed and loaded onto the vans. You can oversee all of the order details, and once loaded, you can safely know the orders are ready to be fulfilled that day.

Invoicing & Payments

Once a delivery has been made and an electronic Proof-of-Delivery has been taken, the System generates an invoice and sends it back to the office system from the driver’s mobile app. You can choose to have these invoices automatically approved (meaning your teams don’t have to review them and check for mistakes), and then emailed to your customers. If your drivers service the same customer multiple times a week, you can manage multiple payments and compile them into a single invoice. Our System helps you to stay on top of different payments from customers, by organising them for you so you simply overview, amend and generate invoices based on the preferences of you and your customers.
RouteMagic has been designed to work with most existing accounting systems, including Sage, and once invoices are ready, they can easily be exported as CSV. files to your existing system.
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