March 27 2020

Supporting the Supply-Chain: We are offering our Software, no costs, for the next 3 months

Making sure we keep Britain’s Supply Chain Open

In the light of widespread supply chain disruptions – We are looking to provide as much support as we can to companies and organisations who are producers, suppliers, and distributors of foods and other essential goods in these tough times.

We are offering the immediate use of RouteMagic free of charges to any Business that is producing or distributing essential food items. RouteMagic is a delivery planning and paperless proof of delivery system that will help you manage and maximise your ability to deliver safely and securely in these unprecedented times.

We can help you manage the increasing demand, deal with staff shortages, skills and the new Business model this transitional period brings to us all. We want to help you stay resilient and keep providing your customers with products in any way you can.

If you need help and assistance now we will provide the RouteMagic system to you at no cost to help you cope and support the country’s supply chain.

Our Commitment:

1. All start-up costs will be FREE

2. No monthly cost until the end of June (this period will extend if the situation worsens)

3. No contract, so you can start/stop using straight away

4. We will have your workers trained & ready in less than a day

5. *Office & Depot staff require internet access, and mobile workers will need an Android (6.0 or newer)mobile device. *

See sectors we support here.

You can contact us on:
T: +44 7498680756