August 19 2020

'Specifics' - Ten Things to Know about RouteMagic

RouteMagic is an innovative Delivery Management Sytem - This means it's been built with modern features which make it as easy to integrate and use as possible, while allowing for more complicated processes to be carried out with less hassle and paperwork for your teams.
Check out these 10 things you need to know about RouteMagic.

1. Your Business, Your Rules

RouteMagic offers 3 levels of control: Customer (ensure the expectations they have such as delivery time slots & instructions), driver (what they can and cannot do, such as take cash deposits), and Company level (whether invoicing, sales orders etc require confirmations from your Back-Offices.) Forget the need to micro-manage.

2. Route Planner

Advanced Route scheduling & planning (ascribing routes to vans & drivers, allocating orders, detailed order info, optimizing routes etc.) through mour Route Planner, which features an easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface.

3. Route Monitor

Have a complete bird's eye view of your entire business' operation, at a glance. Route Monitor gives you complete visibility; vehicle locations, loading & delivery status', site summaries and PODs all get updated in real-time.

4. Superior Stock Control

RouteMagic keeps thorough records of how much stock is in each inventory, updated as stocks are moved between warehouses, to & from vans and customers, separating damaged goods. This allows un/loading to be stress-free, whilst preventing stock pilferage

__5. Advanced Analytics __

RouteMagic will compile reports on your business' expenditure & growth, using records from customers, sales, products etc, pinpointing the areas which require more efforts & show slow growth. Leverage these insights to outperform your competitors and expand your business with higher profit margins.

6. Product Management

Manage discounts & promotions, permit certain discounts for certain customers, and allow individual drivers to apply promotions. Enforce minimum/maximum percentage reductions, and organise products into groups, define packaging and delivery package types.

7. Adoption & Intergration

The RouteMagic Route Accounting System has been designed to integrate with any existing system, and it can be setup in less than a week. Workers can be trained quickly, and there is a short learning curve so it doesn't take long for workers to get competent using the system and reaping the benefits.

8. CRM Features

Suggested orders allows our System to understand your customers, recommending the right products, at the right time, to the right customer. This proliferates up-sell opportunities & gives you better insights through extensive sales history.

9. Additional Features

Bar-code scanners, blue-tooth printing, mobile invoicing, full offline capabilities & a customer portal all lead to faster, improved servicing & remove the need to update customers manually and complete mundane, time-consuming tasks.

10. SaaS Offerings

We offer monthly subscription pricing which equates to less than a coffee/day. As a SaaS - we do the IT heavy lifting so you can focus on your core business. Get your system up and running in an hour, and go live in <1 week.
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