August 12 2020

'Specifics' - Stock Control (1)

Automatic inventory updates, from van to warehouse helps distributors to manage their stock levels better, optimise re-order levels and promise order fulfillment.
This episode of 'Specifics' focuses on how our Delivery Management System improves stock control, through digitally organised products and infographic which explains our Route Monitor in detail.
Understand stock levels across your Warehouses and Vans at all times, including returns, damaged items and Van-to-Van transfers. The system keeps you updated from order creation to delivery, including up-sold & damaged stocks. Knowing Stock levels more coherently means you can plan promotions & discounts more accurately & minimise the chances of unaccounted-for, missing or insufficient stocks. You can even setup 're-order' levels for important stock items so you get notified as soon as inventory falls below that level. Your staff can enter stock info manually or directly through barcode scanning.
Click to read the 4 components of stock control and how our Digital Delivery System improves inventory management.
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