November 11 2020

Specifics - Going Paperless with a Cloud-Based Delivery System

Businesses are making a global switch towards more ethical, and more sustainable practices. Just as renewable resources are becoming more heavily relied on, due to the environmental impacts of non-renewables, Businesses are beginning to think about their impact, both on individual and Industry levels.

For Food and Beverage businesses, van sales and wholesalers, the environmental impacts of fuel emissions and the paper-waste associated with more traditional management systems are no longer necessary. Furthermore, these older systems are becoming undesirable features of any business, from the eyes of the public, customer and employees.

Going Paperless is a possibility for many businesses, and so below we have outlined a few of the benefits of a digital system.

A Cost-Effective Option

Digital systems are more affordable and more accessible than ever before. As Technologies improve, a natural reduction in cost is always seen - Digital Management Systems are no different.

At affordable costs for food and drink businesses of all sizes, sustainability is more achievable than ever.

How can my Business go Paperless?

By adopting a Cloud-Based System, the delivery aspect of your Business can become a seamless digital process.

Digital Delivery Systems manage everything from ordering, customer profiles, communications, invoicing and payments, all delivery records and end-of-day reports.

The most obvious benefit of this is the removal of paperwork. This reduces manual error massively, and allows a System to organise and file all the Businesses’ records. This saves Office space, and worker efforts as they do not have to shuffle paperwork to find the reports they need.

With a Digital System organising delivery records and business reports, you can completely remove the need for paperwork and let all of your Businesses’ areas become completely integrated, so you can grow as a single entity.

The unseen Benefits

No more paperwork, digital records and improved Organisation seems pretty good, right?

But what are the less obvious impacts that benefit of paperless operations?

Firstly, customers can receive better servicing, as your entire team is freed up and can focus on their efforts on the customers and primary tasks.

This leads to the next point; Employees. Without the need to organise paperwork, search for missing paperwork or fire-fight issues surrounding missing data, they can become more productive. Van Drivers can work quicker, and focus on their route while the mobile app takes care of recording deliveries.

Having all records stored digitally means an automated System can sift through data and create reports and insights around your Business. Our Delivery Management System, RouteMagic provides three types of reports - It shows you the profitability of each customer, route and driver in an easy-to-digest form, so you can use your time wisely to improve inefficient areas of your Business.

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