October 28 2020

‘Specifics’ - Who have we helped? - Customer Testimonials

Who have we helped?


Established in 1969, Ginsters is a Wholesale giant in the UK, distributing baked goods such as pastries and pies across the country. The company is now a well-established name in the Industry.
Here’s what they have to say about our Wholesale Delivery Solution:

"The level of management control in the front office combined with user flexibility on the handheld is amazing and the system offers tremendous flexibility and imagination just where we want to make step changes in our business. It offers excellent support to the sales team, even on the most complex customer prices and promotions. It suggests to the salesman what to supply at each call and helps him add value for our customers by providing detailed product and sales history information to aid the customer's decision making."

- Finance Director


Arrabawn is an agri-based organisation with a century plus history of operations at the heart of Ireland’s globally recognised, premium dairy industry.
Arrabawn comprises dairy, food ingredients and agri business units that produce a range of B2B and dairy consumer products.
Here’s how our Delivery Management Solutions helped them:

“We’ve streamlined our business with the help of Mobile Enterprise System’s powerful solution - it’s a great investment for wholesale distributors looking to grow their business.”

Mr Scratchings

Mr Scratchings is a family owned and run pork scratchings business. Having sold pork scratchings since the mid 19th Century, their unique recipe has proved so popular that they have been forced to move from their original site to larger premises in Low Moor.
Listen to what they have to say about our Delivery Solutions:

"Mobile Enterprise Systems have removed a lot of inaccuracies and frustrations; without the system, we’d need three to four people to do what one person can now do"

Prep House

Prep House is a family-run business from Northern Ireland, specialising in the manufacturing of sauces, mayonnaises, and marinades from 1999.
Here’s what they had to say about the work we did with them:

"The System from mobile Enterprise Systems has allowed us to service more customers with the same number of staff and certainly helped us be more efficient.”

You can also take a look at the full case studies we have produced on our work with Prep House and Barnies Farm.
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