December 08 2020

‘Specifics’ - Client Portal

RouteMagic has been developed to make life easier for your customer directly - This in turn benefits you and helps your team organise and manage their time and tasks easier and improves their productivity.
Your team can remove the additional manual work of informing, updating and contacting customers through phone or email to provide them with information about their orders. Equally, your customers can access all of their delivery information on their own, at a convenient time that does not inhibit their own workflow.
Our Client Portal provides the ability for customers to review their own orders, make changes, and receive updates automatically, meaning time is saved and hassle is removed from daily tasks.

The features of our Client Portal:

1. Manage orders - amend quantities/products from your own online portal
2. Login remotely using wifi
3. Overview order status
4. Review previous orders
5. Access invoices/delivery reports/PODs/order summaries
6. Request changes to delivery times
For more on our Client Portal, or for more information on our software including the full feature list, click here.

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