May 14 2020

Small Producers Fight Back

Being an Artisan producer is both challenging and rewarding. With competition fiercer than ever, established routes to market closed more and more producers are facing the same problem of reaching their market safely and maintaining revenue while keeping business profitable..

With the traditional customer-base of Restaurants, Bars and Cafes being hit hard, new markets and channels are being found as the Artisan sector looks to diversify and target new customer bases.

With over 25% of calorie intake typically eaten outside the home there is a pent-up demand by consumers looking for locally-sourced, sustainable products to fill this void.

cheese platter

The change from Wholesale Distribution to Direct-to-Consumer is an approach many companies are now focussing on, but it is not without it’s challenges and pitfalls; without careful management control, profits can rapidly diminish by unseen transport, handling and admin costs when managing a high volume-low value business. Ensuring continuity and managing the change to a Direct-to-Customer can become an essential element of this survival.

RouteMagic helps business manage this transition and risk by controlling all aspects of the new business processes to manage a direct customer delivery service and offer you the facilities to accept orders directly, efficiently manage the picking, routing and delivery of these orders direct to the customers front door. It provides you with the ability to safely deliver utilising paperless processes and ensuring safety to both your team and customer.

Businesses we have helped already are looking at this not just as a short-term fix but as a real value-added service to customers and one that will become a long-term revenue stream to their business.

Benefits include -

• Developing a direct customer database for future marketing initiatives
• Deliver safely - Paperless transactions creating instant electronic proof of delivery (e-POD,s)
• Detailed stock management and wastage control
• Keep your customer updated with Real-time visibility of deliveries
• manage delivery costs with full route planning and auto route optimisation.
• Simplify your admin with easy integration to third party software like SAGE.

Simple to use, RouteMagic allows you to match the major chains in the control and efficiency of their home-delivery service.

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