June 02 2020

'ROUTEMAGIC SPECIFICS' - Van-to-Van Transfers & Inventory Management

Controlling stock as accurately as possible is key to the success of any food & beverage business.

In modern times, live updates and complete sight over all inventories have become easily accessible for businesses of all sizes - Our System helps businesses plan ahead with better foresight, managing operations and avoiding stock issues which damage customer relationships and profits.

Van-to-Van Transfers - For On-the-go decision making

With RouteMagic, you can see updates for stock levels across your Warehouses and Vans at all times, including returns and damaged items. You can minimise the chances of unaccounted-for, missing, or insufficient stock levels.

Van-to-Van transfers let your drivers make improvised decisions which allow them to get products to customers - The System does the hard work and accounts for the stock transfers in real-time, so your office can see the stock transfers and are kept in the loop.

RouteMagic: 4 Components of Superior Stock Control

Alerts and Updates

Input re-order levels for each item so you know your stock levels will never fall short, and you wont miss out on potential revenues. Low or insufficient stock levels are reported to drivers to avoid over-selling, and you can set up the system so the mobile or back-office sales people cannot even accept an order if there is not enough stock.

Promotions & Discounts

If particular items are moving slowly, simply accommodate for the delays by implementing discounts. You can set a maximum % of price reductions, for each driver and each customer.. 'Pricelists' ensure that within 5 minutes you can apply discounts to all customers, or just a select group.

Inventory Updates

Know as soon as your Van Operatives sell stocks. Van-to-van transfers allow stock transfers on the go, so no customer goes without. Damaged goods are reported separately, so as not to create confusion with sell-able stock levels.

Additional Automations

Returns are made simple with no paperwork, and Blind stock takes, along with next-day pick lists help planning for the coming weeks. The System automatically generates end-of-day reports, accommodating for all returns/up-sells etc -You can stay on top of payments and profits. Everything is audit-able, so you can go back to any day and draw reports & historical records if needed.

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