May 27 2020

6 aspects of RouteMagic Delivery Management - Work Smarter, Not Harder

The 6 Key aspects of Delivery Management: Work Smarter, not Harder

Our Route Accounting & Electronic Proof of Delivery System helps wholesalers, van sales businesses, restaurants, pubs and distributors work smarter and quicker, without investing a lot of money or taking huge amounts of time to learn the System.

We broke down the 6 key aspects of the System that help food and drink distributors adopt digital solutions and curve issues of inefficiency and error.

Van Sales & Mobile Invoicing


Offline Capabilities

RouteMagic lets your drivers service remote customers easily, with full offline capabilities - This means when your drivers are not connected, the app is still fully functional, all the data is safely stored and it updates automatically when connection resumes.

Electronic Invoicing

Invoicing is managed electronically. Your drivers do not have to spend time filling out reports manually or keeping track of reports throughout the day, which is an outdated and error-prone practice.


a return

The System handles returns for you, and it manages separate inventories for damaged and returned items, so you can keep detailed records of stock levels across all inventories.

Suggested Ordering

RouteMagic will suggest relevant products to each customer based on previous orders. This massively improves up-selling and van sales, improving customer service and driving profits.

Wholesale Delivery Management

Bulk Picking

Drivers can choose the ‘bulk pick’ option on the handheld app, which automatically transfers orders onto the van, helping with inventory control. This happens instantly, so records are always to-the-minute.

Package Types and Item Loading

You can account for packaging types and load orders are pre-populated, so drivers simply look at a single-screen and know exactly what they need for the day. This reduces the chance of missing stock on vans, and lets them get on with their day faster.


RouteMagic offers three levels of pricing;

1. Default pricing - which is the default price of any given product

2. Generic price lists - which allows you to setup promotions and discounts.

3. Customer-specific pricing - which lets you enforce agreements you may have with each customer regarding item pricing.

Electronic Proof of Delivery

Not only does an Electronic Proof of Delivery give you real-time updates on successful deliveries, but it gives your customers security and prevents the opportunity for paper-work to be lost.

Site Summary Reporting

RouteMagic takes the sales made, the items sold and any damaged or returned items, and compiles them into a report, automatically - This is called a Site Summary Report. It gives both your drivers and your office team a complete overview of each order, in an easy-to-read layout. These reports are sent straight back to your offices once they have been confirmed to help you stay organised at both ends.


Our digital solution means you can opt to go paperless, taking a more sustainable approach to your business while removing the chance of lost paperwork and frustrated customers/drivers.

Sales History Records

The System can hold extensive historical records of past sales - meaning you can improve accountability and keep all data filed securely.

Route Planning and Optimization

google maps

Route Planner

The Route Planner lets your team plan with ease on a single-screen, taking into account specific delivery windows and customer preferences. The type of delivery, the order items and all the necessary information is a click away, letting you organise and manage deliveries easier.

Route Monitor

The Route Monitor provides live updates of each delivery - Stay in the loop and let your team be as responsive as possible to any issues on the go.

Route Optimizations

RouteMagic is integrated with Google Maps Integrations which provides live tracking and finds the fastest route for drivers to get between customers, taking into account live traffic situations.

ETA's and Customer Service

Automatic Updates

Letting your customers know of any updates, delays, or changes to their delivery is crucial - Keeping customers happy means keeping them informed and updated at all times.

Geo-Fencing Alerts

Automatic geo-fencing alerts can also be set up to ensure that back-office people are automatically notified when a driver enters or leaves a particular location.

Sales Records

Our System uses extensive purchasing history records for each customer and uses algorithms to suggest and promote customer-specific products that they need, so you can increase up-sells and wow customers with the goods they need when they need them.

Add New Customers

You can allow drivers to add new customers, so they can make improvised decisions which massively benefit the business.

Full Stock Control

stock manager

Inventory Management

Real-time updates on stock and inventory levels are key to minimising problems, disputes and errors. Customers never have to miss deliveries and your team can always have a bird’s eye view of stock levels, regardless of whether deliveries are on the go.

Van to Van Transfers

RouteMagic lets your drivers make van-to-van transfers on the go, so no customer is disappointed and your drivers can curve issues of low stocks. This directly helps with up-selling and combines the usefulness of suggested items which RouteMagic also offers.

Barcode Scanning

Our devices are kitted with barcode scanners, saving your drivers time, improving the order process, and getting products on and off the vans as quickly as possible.

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