December 21 2020

RouteMagic for Van Sales - Enforce your Business rules

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Implementing a Delivery Management System can come with a lot of questions and skepticisms for Van Sales businesses and Distributors.

*Will we have to change the way we work and rethink our internal workings around this new system? *

How long will it take until we can live?

*Can my teams get trained and competent using the new System quickly? *

For the fast-paced environment that these businesses work, any delays or pauses in the workflow can result in delays and disruptions to the daily operations, and skipped deliveries are damaging for the business and lead directly to lost profits.
We understand that each business is different, but also that tight profit margins can not afford to be threatened by delays.
There are 4 key features we prioritised when developing our Delivery Management System. It was critical that RouteMagic would be:

- Easy to Integrate with any existing systems our customer may have.

- Easy to setup, so customers can have as short of a buffer period while implementing the new system as possible.

- Easy to learn and use, for both back-office staff and mobile workers

Our System must help businesses work more productively, but in the ways they are used to working, and how they function from an operational point of view. We did not want the system to require a rethinking of how each customer already works on a day-to-day basis.
Focusing on the importance of point 4, RouteMagic has been designed to be as flexible and customisable as possible, to help our customers work the way they want to, enforce the business rules they already have established, and to help customers receive their deliveries under their own terms.
3 key setup features of the System are Company, Customer, and Employee settings.


When setting up your Company rules, you can establish rules for Sales Orders, forward orders, picking/packing/loading orders, Inventory Management, Route Planning/Monitoring, Product and Price Management. This helps you establish from day one of using RouteMagic how you want to System to work for you; which rules to enforce, which employees to grant certain permissions to and so on.


Above is an example of the rules you can enforce regarding Sale Orders - The simple checklist lets you flexibly choose rules which align with how you already work.
Below you can see rules such as automatic approval of forward orders (meaning when drivers place forward orders, they do not have to be manually approved by your office team members). You can also set the default number of days a picklist will be scheduled for after it is requested.

company 2


Providing personal service to each customer can be tricky - Meeting delivery windows, catering to their particular needs and managing customer specific prices and discounts can cause a lot of extra work for your teams. RouteMagic allows you to easily enforce discounts, specific prices, manage seasonal promotions as well as letting you hold extensive information about previous orders for each customer. This helps your teams understand their needs better, and lets you van drivers improve their sales abilities through having all the information about a customer’s preferred products at their fingertips.
Below is a screenshot from an example customer - Through the back-office ERP, RouteMagic lest you define certain rules for each customer - Whether that be enabling forward orders to be taken by your drivers, requiring signatures before a site visit summary is completed or enforcing certain invoicing and payment details.

customer settings

Another example of providing more convenient customer service is shown below - Our Software lets you structure the routine deliveries for each customer. You simply assign a route to the customer, select a start date and define which days a customer will be serviced, and how frequently.

customer settings


Managing what your employees can and cannot do while you are not overseeing the operation directly can be tricky. If you deal with a fluctuating mobile workforce or have to manage seasonal and temporary employees, enforcing rules you need them to stick to can be challenging without a system that enforces these preferences.
RouteMagic lets you set up profiles for each team member, and allows you to control the actions each member can and cannot take, whether that be adding new customers when on route, handling cash or taking returns.
Below is an example of the different driver permissions you may want to grant/restrict. You can simply use the checklist to allow/restrict drivers to skip deliveries, service off-route customers, manually load the van, allow them apply discounts (as well as enforcing the maximum % discount a driver is allowed to apply) along with a wide range of other permissions.
For example, if you want to ensure the driver has to fill out the vehicle inspection before continuing to load their van and service customers, you define this in the employee rules and the mobile app will not allow them to load the van or carry out any actions before the vehicle inspection has been completed successfully.

employee settings

We work with a range of customers who all have their unique preferences when it comes to workflow and internal function - RouteMagic has been engineered to administer these specific rules, so each of our customers can be sure that their operation is running as they want to.
If you would like to request a personalised demo of the Software, one of our team can run through RouteMagic and show you how it can be tailored to your needs and requirements.
You can contact us for any questions, enquiries or demo requests through the details below:
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