September 21 2020

‘IN THE LOOP’ - Delivery Systems - Using route optimizations to make route planning easier

Digital Route Planning Systems save wholesalers and distributors time by automating and calculating quicker ways of operating. They work out quicker ways to get jobs done, such as scheduling routes while ensuring rules and preferences are stuck to.
Route planning systems don’t replace the need for manual panning by your team, but they make sure that they act as a helping hand to ease the process while avoiding manual error and improving productivity.
In this article, we’ll explain what route optimizations are, how they work, the different optimizations you can use to plan, as well as the benefits that this feature brings to your wholesale or distribution business.

Route Optimizations

In short, Route Optimizations are ways of improving the efficiency of each and all routes you are planning each day. This means the Delivery System will work out the quickest route for each driver. You can also choose from a number of different criteria to optimize all of your routes, such as ensuring all routes finish at the same time.
This helps you to run your delivery business they way you want it, ensuring customer preferences are met every day while easing the planning process for your team, saving them time which can be re-attributed to other tasks.
Our Delivery Management System offers the ability to optimize routes based on various factors. Say you want to sync route finishing times across your whole mobile workforce; our system will work this out for you.
You can also choose to minimise the number of routes used on any particular day, which helps you factor in seasonal workers, fluctuating numbers of workers and so on. This optimization also can help you to use your resources in the most effective way - For example, if you have 20 deliveries scheduled for the day, with sets of 5 being in close proximity to one another it would make more sense to distribute these amongst 4 drivers instead of your entire mobile team.
Route Planning Systems simply work these types of route adjustments automatically.
You can also opt to minimise the combined driving times of all routes, again improving the efficiency of your entire delivery team and servicing customers quicker.
Using our Route Planning System, you can manually set the maximum number of stops, distance and driving time that you want to be applied across all routes and drivers. This helps you to stay organised and keep in the loop of when each driver will finish their route everyday.
Once you have set the optimizations, you simply click to optimise and the system takes care of calculating the rest. You can reduce planning times massively, giving your team the ability to redirect their efforts to customer service, sales and so on.
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