October 30 2020

'Five Factors' - Route Monitoring for a smoother Delivery Operation

5 features of a Route Monitoring System to keep you in control of each delivery, to help you organise easier and improve customer service.

1. Start-of-day Visibility

Catch all the day's activities as they happen. You can see when a driver starts his day by downloading the route. Google Maps integrations lets you see each driver on their route in real-time. Take rapid action for any unexpected late start-of-day by a driver, whilst maintaining a concrete understanding of workflow, at all times.

2. Recalling Data

Recall all reports from all routes; invoices, PoDs, End-of-site Surveys & end-of-day reports. This means your drivers don't have to worry about paperwork, and you don't have to chase them. It also speeds up cash flows as invoices and PODs can go to your customers in real-time, if you want.

3. Delivery Updates & Driver Info

Your office team can glance at the route monitor, and colour-coded indicators will let them know when a delivery has been skipped, completed or is in progress. Driver names, vehicle types, number of stops and stop type are all included too.

4. Customer Communications

Customers can access a self-service portal to overview their orders & information, so no one's workflow is disrupted and the need for manual updates is eliminated.

5. What does this mean for Management?

No need to micro-manage - You can keep looking forward, making plans for productive growth and targeting points for further improvement, with the safety of the entire business being visible at a glance.
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