April 07 2020

5 things to know about Route Accounting & E-PoD Systems

1. They don’t have to be costly

Responding to the needs of SMEs, there are a growing number of systems that aim to be affordable, easy to integrate and as user-friendly as possible.

A lot of Systems offer subscription-based payments, so you don’t have to invest heavily before the system has even been implemented. This helps you stay on top of expenditure and avoids overspending.

2. They massively reduce manual error

Having an automated system can reliably carry out tasks, such as daily reports, accounting for stock changes to and from inventories, holding past sales records and keeping track of deliveries as they happen.

This not only saves the time and efforts of your workers but also cuts out the need for paper reporting, as well as removing the delayed updates that happen when mobile workers have to travel to file reports/sales.

3. They help you organise further ahead than manual Systems

Processing new orders and managing each stage can put a lot of pressure on your office staff, and can often lead to issues with wrongly assigned routes, drivers, vehicles or insufficient stocks.

Having a System that automates these processes removes the need for manual recording. This lets you plan orders into the coming weeks without the added stress or confusion.

4. They do the IT heavy-lifting for you

Many Systems keep extensive records of each route, customer purchase and the profitability deliveries over time. Records re all stored on Office Systems so you don't have to juggle paperwork to find the right information.

They can even supply you with insights about your growth and areas of weakness.

They show data in an easy-to-digest format, so all you have to do is look over the data and see which areas need focus.

5. They structure your schedules (both in the office and the van) better and allow workers to focus on their goals

They take care of tedious tasks which slow many workers and prevent them from focusing on their tasks. They help you to enforce customer requirements, and you can set out rules for different drivers and customers, so schedules are optimised on personal levels.

These rules can be done from the Office, resulting in greater control throughout the business.

If you'd like to read more into the Route Accounting System we provide, check out out a case study we did for Barnie's Farm here.

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