June 17 2019

Route Accounting Software for Distributors - Backbone of Wholesale Delivery/Distribution and Van Sales Businesses

Route Accounting, DSD / Wholesale and Van Sales are gaining traction with the FMCG industry really fast. In sectors like food service, beverage, grocery and dairy, time is of the essence and items have short shelf life and clear expiry dates. This means that freshness of produce is a big factor and restocking must be done frequently.

What is Direct Store Delivery/Distribution?

More and more businesses/suppliers are opting for direct deliveries of goods to the customers, bypassing the central warehouse system. Instead, the delivery vehicle acts as a mini-warehouse. This ensures faster delivery time, something that is a huge concern for manufacturers and suppliers of products with short shelf lives. This method of operating is called ‘Direct Store Delivery’. This means that inventory control and delivery costs are borne by the manufacturer.

This method has a lot of benefits:

1. less delivery time, better management as the supplier/manufacturer directly controls the stock and the delivery

2. Less resources are expended and the processes are more efficient and streamlined.

3. The customers are also happy as their deliveries are faster and smoother

4. Sales order processing is quicker and the overall level of customer services is higher.

The Role of Route Accounting Software in DSD and Van Sales:

To run a Direct Store Delivery and Van Sales business model successfully, a flexible and comprehensive Route Accounting Software is essential. It helps DSD businesses work smoother, with fewer disruptions and better information about deliveries and orders.

What is Route Accounting System?

Route Accounting Systems are designed specifically to manage all aspects of a mobile van sales and DSD business from planning routes, loading stock, inventory control and mobile invoicing, sales orders and proof of delivery. Every transaction is only entered once and with the capability for live updates you now have full visibility and are able to control exactly the business process of both mobile and office staff. Transactions can be created and completed on the mobile app, away from the office as well and the mobile app is always synced in real time with the office ERP.

Benefits of a Complete Route Accounting System:

All Functionalities on One Platform:

A complete route accounting system combines Sales, Delivery, Finance and Reporting on one platform. It allows workflow definition as per your business requirements, real-time syncing with the mobile app for complete visibility and instant updates, multistep van sales and delivery process completion, returns processing, electronic proof of delivery, invoicing, stock control in one system itself.

Cuts Costs by Increasing Efficiency and Improving Processes:

Deploying a Route Accounting System means immediate increase in efficiency - it is a tool that makes every aspect of your business visible to you - you can track indirect and direct costs, optimise your route scheduling, monitor your mobile teams, have real-time information of all customer deliveries and returns, address issues as soon as they come and generate invoices instantly.

Complete Stock Control:

Unlike traditional systems that provide siloed information about stock while inventory updates take time, Digital Route Accounting Systems have real-time information about all your stock at your fingertips. This includes van stock.

Improve Mobile Team Productivity:

The field mobile team are armed with the mobile app that is connected to the backed ERP at all times. This means they have a predefined workflow to finish each delivery and sales. They can process returns, update EPOD instantly, provide customers with invoices, collect payments, follow an optimised route schedule created for them by the office team to ensure maximum productivity. Moreover, every transaction they make is updated automatically in real time to the backend office. In case of connection loss, they can continue to work offline and all their transactions get stored and then get auto updated once a connection is established with the backend office system.

With all the features and benefits in view, no wonder more and more Delivery and Van Sales business are turning to a digital Route Accounting Solution.

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